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March 5, 2014

Rafa Cabrera Bello


Q.  Rafa, you're playing here for the first time, 14th time playing on the PGA TOUR.  How do you feel?
RAFAEL CABRERA BELLO:¬† Good.¬† I mean, those are some numbers‑‑ yeah, first time at the Puerto Rico Open.¬† I had played in Puerto Rico World Amateur, I think it was 2004 maybe, something like that, or‑‑ yeah, probably that year, and yeah, I had good memories from here.¬† I didn't know it was the 14th tournament I've played co‑sanctioned for the PGA TOUR, or just for the PGA TOUR.
I'm feeling good.  I've started playing good this year.  I've had a couple good finishes in Europe, been up there contending a few times, so I'm enjoying the start of the year.  I feel I'm playing good, and so far this week I like the weather, I like the course, and the course is in great shape, too, so I think it's going to be a fun week, too.

Q.  In the past your starts have basically been the World Golf Championships and majors.  Now you've played at AT&T, now you're playing here.  Are you making a shift trying to get over to the PGA TOUR?  What's the plan?
RAFAEL CABRERA BELLO:  Well, I mean, this was kind of like a surprise invite I got, so definitely happy.  I'm happy playing in Europe to be fair, but obviously the PGA TOUR, I mean, it's the world top, top tour.  If you really have to pick one that's the best tour, you would definitely say the PGA TOUR.  But I would like to play both.  I would like to do what many European guys do, play in Europe, as well, but then come here when it's too cold for us to play in Europe.  So yeah, that would be my dream schedule, yes.

Q.  Talk a little bit about the course.  You said it's playing pretty well?
RAFAEL CABRERA BELLO:¬† Yes.¬† I mean, I think it's a tricky course.¬† You definitely need to drive it well.¬† There's lots of water hazards around.¬† There's not much rough, at least not that I've seen so far.¬† It might be growing relatively quickly because of the heat.¬† The greens are nice and tricky.¬† Some of them are really, really small.¬† Others are bigger, but most of them you can find a pattern of pretty wrinkled, lots of slopes, and then definitely some tough run‑outs with some tight up‑and‑downs to tricky pins.¬† Yeah, you definitely have to keep an eye for them.

Q.  You've been here in Puerto Rico at least one time?
RAFAEL CABRERA BELLO:  Yes, just the one time, and now this one.

Q.  How do you like Puerto Rico so far, the food, the people?
RAFAEL CABRERA BELLO:  It's good.  I myself am from the Canary Islands, so this is similar.  Many of my friends from Spain, they say that we speak very similar to people from here, from the Caribbean, so it's nice.  I think this is a beautiful country, really, really rich culture, and I definitely enjoy all the local amenities, yes.

Q.  I think you already touched base on it a little bit, but you've obviously played pretty well, very well on the European Tour.  How do you feel your game is kind of coming along this week?
RAFAEL CABRERA BELLO:  Well, like I said, I've played really good.  Each week is a new week.  Anything can really happen, but I'm happy with the way I'm hitting the ball.  I'm happy with all parts of my game so far, so I think if I get the putter hot and the rest stays as good as I know I can, I should be enjoying a good week again, yeah.

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