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March 2, 2014

Russell Knox


Q.  Talk about getting yourself in this kind of position, obviously this is what you want on the PGA TOUR, just talk about getting yourself into position today on Sunday?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Yeah, first of all, happy to be out here.  I played very nice in the Web.com finals in the last event to even be here and I see myself as a player out here.  So it was nice to have the opportunity to get back out here this year.
And I know that my game is improving every week and I feel like this is a position which I feel like I should be in.  I'm confident in my game.  I was very pleased with my finish.  I didn't win obviously but my previous best finish was tied ninth, so how can I be disappointed with this.

Q.  We talk about the way the last three or four holes unfolded, everybody was just struggling coming in, no one could really get anything done.  What was it like just being a part of that where it was so crazy and bizarre?
RUSSELL KNOX:  This course is such a great course, because you've just got to hit the shot.  There's no bailing out.  You've just got to trust your ability, trust your swing, and hit the exact shot you need to hit, and that just shows how great the last four holes really are.

Q.  A lot of guys are going to walk away thinking they could of, should of won today; how do you feel about that?
RUSSELL KNOX:  You just can't control if you win or not.  It's that simple.  All it takes is one guy to beat you by one shot, and so I'm very happy with my finish.  Obviously I wish I would have won, but just the way I felt coming down the last few holes was something which I know I won't forget, and when given the chance again, maybe it will be my turn.

Q.  Did you feel at a little disadvantage off the tee in the bunker when everybody else was in the fairway?
RUSSELL KNOX:  I wasn't going to go for it anyway.  They are all longer than I am, so even if I smashed one, which I tried, I probably‑‑ I didn't have the flight with a 3‑wood to get anywhere near there.  So I always was going to lay‑up, so when I drove it in the bunker, I mean, it looked worse than it was, because I was always going to hack it down the fairway anyway.
So I gave myself a nice wedge distance, and maybe could have done a little better with that, but yeah, it's all good.

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