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March 1, 2014

Joel Quenneville

Patrick Sharp

Jonathan Toews


Blackhawks – 5
Penguins – 1

Q.  Joel, do you have an update on Marian Hossa?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  Hossa might miss some sometime.  We'll get a better idea probably more on Monday, pretty good idea, but we'll know more in a couple of days.  But not long‑term.

Q.  How would you describe the atmosphere tonight and how your team responded after a tough game?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  Probably the greatest setting you could ever want and going into a hockey game.  What an environment, what a feeling, crowds, snow, great opponent, pace of the game is real.  I thought our guys did all the things necessary tonight.  We played a really strong game and good pace, did everything you're hoping for.  And Crow was good in net, so it's one of those games we're very happy, and very complete in a lot of ways.  So it was a very memorable night.

Q.  Joel, for how difficult the conditions looked from afar, how impressive were those skill plays by Jonathan and Patrick?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  Yeah, you look at some of our goals, even Sharpie's first goal was shot, and Jonny's individual move one‑on‑one was a special goal as well.  And container had a couple of looks on the two‑on‑one, and it looked like he was shooting it and maybe put it over to Steeger, but in those type of conditions, player recognition and patience, and getting the puck moving ahead was sometimes challenging.  But great finishes and great plays by some real special players.

Q.  Looked like right at the Anthem even there there were a lot of smiles out there.  It seemed that everybody looked happy to be there.  What was the mood like on the bench?  Do you think that contributed to the way you guys were able to play today?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  No, I think everybody probably went back to when they were kids.  You get to play outside, you get to play whether it's pick‑up, shinny or a real game.  And the stage couldn't have been any better for anybody.  I think that how hard it was thrown right off the bat was like, wow, these are pretty amazing conditions.  I think everybody felt like they were outside playing in the snow.

Q.  You guys really took control of the game in the second period, was it just about getting comfortable with the elements?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  Well, I think going ahead with that second goal was certainly a big goal for us as well.  But the thing is we kept stressing going into the game, the simple order, the way we play, the quicker we advance the puck.  Just moving it ahead and getting it out of their zone as quickly as possible is what we're looking to do.  Because all of a sudden, the snow, and the people coming at you, it's hard to make a play.
So that was basically something we kept stressing, and the players were very good about it.  We generated some odd‑man breaks with quickness as well through the ice.

Q.  Considering how many chances they had, you had to be pretty happy with the P.K. tonight, and is that a good sign as you move forward?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  Yeah, I thought so tonight, you can bet a team, that many power play looks, they're going to find a way.  But I thought our penalty killing was outstanding.  You know, I think we've got some help knowing that Christmas, and the way they can make plays and their patience with the puck certainly was challenged tonight with the snow and all of that.  But I thought knowing that I thought the pressure and getting on them quickly was a real good job by us.

Q.  It seemed like early on you guys had such a huge advantage in puck possession.  Lot of shots for them.  What was the advantage in the early stages?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  I thought we had momentum by being in their end.  We had power plays that didn't generate production, but it certainly generated momentum in the game and zone time, and certainly it was basically what we wanted to do in the first period.  But we had two or three power plays early on in the game.
But advancing the puck and just putting it at the net.  We had a lot of shots early.  The quality might not have been there, but we generated a lot of pace and zone time.

Q.  With Steeger having goals here at Wrigley and Jussi, how much do you think his performance kick started him for the rest of the season?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  Yeah, I thought Steeger came out of the break with a real good purpose to his game.  Missed a good opportunity the other day in New York, came back with two real strong games.  I think he's one player that's been fine since he's been here.  I think there is still another level that when he gets to that line or that production that he can generate, he's going to really enhance the team game.
But he's a real nifty player, and he's got a real nifty pass tonight by Kaner.  But Kaner or Steeger can make some plays, but I thought real strong two games since the break, and he seems like he's really dedicated for a strong finish.

Q.  Other than the two points, how do you compare the experience back to the other outdoor game at Wrigley Field?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  Both you'll never forget.  Very memorable in a lot of ways.  But the snow here at Soldier and that type of a setting, and winning certainly puts everything in place.  The first one was a cool game.  I thought this was even cooler.

Q.  You mentioned all the offensive zone time, all the puck possessions.  The face‑off percentage in the first period was at a 70% range, and that trend carried through the game.
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  Yeah, I thought Johnny always leads the charge in that area.  And I find special teams face‑offs are probably the best measuring stick and the high‑percentage ones.  It really leads to effectiveness in those areas and you're going to generate a lot in those areas and frustrate them in killing and winning the draw.  So some nights here we're good in that area.  I think we've had some decent stretches, but tonight was a great start in the face‑off area, and it's important a lot of times to control the game.

Q.  (No microphone)?
JONATHAN TOEWS:  I think we kept it really simple early on in the game, and just threw pucks on the ice and chased after them.  When we were getting them, it was something about the conditions.  I don't know if it was tougher for the goalie or see or puck started bouncing and it was tough to defend against.  But we felt like even on the power plays early in the first, the pucks could find a way to go in.
So nice shot by Sharpy to get it started, and we weren't sure how many more goals we were going to get after that.  But it was kind of come and go as far as the ice conditions.

Q.  Jonathan, during the anthem, it looked like you look around and had a smile on your face.  What was going through your mind and how much fun was this tonight?
JONATHAN TOEWS:  Just excited.  It was a lot of fun.  The two of us had a blast out there.  Like I said, we felt like we could find a way to score every time we got the puck.  It honestly did feel like we were playing shinny hockey in the backyard.  We were playing smart in our own end the way we normally would.  But we were making plays and just throwing everything on net and hoping for the best.  So I think it was after everything was said and done, we had a lot of fun out there playing.

Q.  For either one of you, how challenging were the conditions particularly in that first period?
PATRICK SHARP:  First period was pretty tough.  Start of the second and most of the third it was fine out there.  The ice was very good.  But that first period, it was snowy.  It was tough to see, tough to really handle the puck.  Like, Jonny said, it felt like an outdoor game.  There was no real system or structure to our game.  We were hoisting the puck around and slapping it around and having fun doing it.

Q.  Were you trying to lose your "Captain Serious" moniker?  You were jumping on every single goal that was scored.  You even jumped on to the bench like a Lambeau leap type of play.  You were just having a ball out there, weren't you?
JONATHAN TOEWS:  I've been trying to lose that one for a while.  But, no, I think the celebration on the first goal, Sharpie, I already saw a funny picture where I knew he was going to jump into me, and I think Nicoletti got caught right in the middle.  Like I said, we were just excited to score a goal in the first.  It was a great feeling to be able to get our team on the board and the excitement just kind of carried on for the rest of the game.  I guess I definitely got caught up in a it a little bit.

Q.  Patrick, you were jumping around like a crazy person after your goal.  It's a little dicey playing a game like that that counts in that kind of weather.  But you guys seemed like it feels like a special occasion, not just a regular season game, is that fair to say?
PATRICK SHARP:  I honestly thought that was the game, 1‑0.  The way the conditions were out there, it was tough to get the puck anywhere near the net, and those guys defend well.  So our team took this game seriously.  We wanted to win.  But at the same time, we were out there having fun.  Second time a lot of us have been through this experience with the game at Wrigley in 2009.  Had a blast playing that one as well.  Only difference was we won this game.  We were just trying to have fun and enjoy the experience.

Q.  For either one of you guys.  Olympics, outdoor game, back to normalcy for the stretch run.  Talk about that a little bit.  Assuming you guys are glad to get back to the normal routine?
PATRICK SHARP:  Yeah, it will be nice to go home, relax, see the family, check in with my kids.  I think they've got their driver's license by now, I haven't seen them in so long.  But some pretty special games in a short period of time.  We're definitely excited about our final 20 games here.  It's going to be a battle for position in the Western Conference, and see some of the moves teams are making.  They're loading up.  So we're excited to get back to normal.  Sleep in our own beds and play some hockey at the united center.

Q.  Just a week ago, you guys were playing for Olympic medals and now you're here in the Stadium Series, another big stage.  How awesome is it to be going through these different experiences?
PATRICK SHARP:  It's been really cool.  Just to think about all the different situations we've been in over the last year, couple of years.  You know, there's always something great going on.  I think it was exciting for us as players to be a part of this and play at Soldier Field.  We've played in a couple different venues now in Chicago, and it's pretty amazing to think.  But this is probably even more so great for the fans.  I think as a team we're super happy.  We're able to find a way to win, and not only win, but put on an exciting game for the fans, just like the weather.  So I think it was a great night for Chicago hockey fans and fortunate.

Q.  Jonathan, Sidney was penalized midway through the game.  You had a conversation with him on television.  Can I ask you to share the contents of that at all?
JONATHAN TOEWS:  No, not at all.  I'm staying away from that one.

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