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March 1, 2014

Tiger Woods


Q.  Happier with that round?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, played well today.  Wish I could have gotten one of the last two coming in, would have been nice.  Get to six but Luke and I both played well today.  It was a good round for both of us.

Q.  With the breeze, how much better is this round than yesterday?
TIGER WOODS:  A lot.  I felt a lot better.  I didn't‑‑ as I said yesterday, I didn't hit the ball very well yesterday.  Just kind of grinded it out.  Today I struck the ball well and made some putts.

Q.  What was the key to making the putts today, anything?
TIGER WOODS:  You know, that's a good question.  I just felt like I had good feel today.  I missed my share of putts, too.  The last couple holes it would have been nice to get one of those, too.  But I played the par3s in 3‑under today was pretty nice.

Q.  Key to getting the iron distances dialed in on the back nine?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, this wind is something else.  It's blowing out there, and it's tough to get the ball the right number.  These lies in the fairways are tough.  Ball is sitting down, and today was the first day we played it down.  Luke caught a huge mud ball on 10.  He hit it left of the left gallery in the middle of the fairway and some guys might find that problem out there.

Q.  Do you think you did enough today to get there tomorrow?
TIGER WOODS:  Depends.  Depends what the guys do up there.  So I'm up there as of now, but we'll see what the guys do this afternoon.

Q.  What were you most happy with today?
TIGER WOODS:  Probably the way I hit the golf ball, I felt a lot better today.  Yesterday I didn't‑‑ I didn't feel like I had much of a swing but today I hit the ball really solid, which was nice.

Q.  Did you work on anything after your round yesterday or did you just come out and find it this morning?
TIGER WOODS:  I didn't have a whole lot of time.  So it was relax and put the kids to bed and get ready for today.

Q.  Did you feel dialed in right from the beginning?
TIGER WOODS:  I had a good range session this morning, it was good.  Came out today and very first hole I hit it to three feet but it spun back to about 15 feet and I made that.

Q.  Yesterday you talked about reaching a number, did you think 5‑under would be your number today?
TIGER WOODS:  I thought it would have been close to six or seven but as of right now, five is all right.  Five is still in the ballgame but as I said it depends what the leaders do this afternoon, if Rory goes and runs away with it or it gets all stacked up.

Q.  The other day Rory talked about when things are going bad, you sometimes are thinking, is it ever going to get good again and vice versa.  Have you gone through that at all?  Do you ever wonder, hey, you know, when you're struggling, what it's going to take to get back there?
TIGER WOODS:  I've had a long enough career where I've gone through periods like that, yeah, where it's tough.  I've had situations where it just seems like no matter what you do, you play, nothing really goes your way.  You can't get the feel of your swing, can't get the putter going, short game, just it's one thing after another.  And it's like we can week after week after week, round after round after round like that, and next thing you know, couple months and half the season has gone by.  I've been through sessions like that, you look at my career, it's gone in waves like that.

Q.  In the back of your mind, are you always saying, hey, I know this is going to turn around at some point?
TIGER WOODS:  It's going to turn around.  We are all going to have hot spells and we're going to have cold spells, especially the longer we stay out here.  You try and get those hot spells and ride them as long as you can and get those cold spells as short as they can.

Q.  Was today the positive feedback that you can build on in the next month?
TIGER WOODS:  Absolutely.  Absolutely.  Today was a positive day, hit the ball well and made some putts and got myself back in the hunt.

Q.  A course coming up, Doral, a place you've played well before, even though they have drastically changed the course‑‑
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, but not too many guys know it.  A few guys have gone down and played practice rounds.  Majority of the guys haven't seen it yet and they will see it this coming week.  I've one of those guys that haven't seen it, and have heard about what they have done and read about what they have done but have not seen it with my own eyes.

Q.  Keegan yesterday and Luke today, seems like they are hitting more drivers than you are; are you putting more pressure on your iron game?
TIGER WOODS:  No, I'm playing to my spots.  I'm a little bit longer than Luke is, but Keegan was pretty aggressive yesterday.  A couple lines like 9 he took driver out there and put it out there, left a little tough one there, he left it so close to the green.  Depends on what the hole is and what the situation is.  I feel like I played to my spots where I think the golf course should be played from.

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