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February 28, 2014

Joel Quenneville


Q.  Coach, we talked to a lot of players and they said they liked the ice conditions.  What was it like out there for you tonight?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  (No microphone).

Q.  Just to go off topic from this game for a moment.  St. Louis made a big deal tonight in the goaltender nod.  Just your thoughts on obviously what they're trying to do in this division?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  Obviously, they have two players with experience, and they felt they helped their hockey team.  They're going to be a dangerous team.  They've been a dangerous team all year long and one of the top teams in the league.  I think they've got a right to.

Q.  You guys don't get to see the Penguins a lot in preseason.  How good a test is this going to be for your guys and to face a different team?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  Yeah, I'd say it's a great test for us.  We're coming off a couple disappointing losses on the road.  Finally be back and playing the home game and playing in this environment should make for a fun setting for everybody.  There were some guys on the other team that definitely get your attention.  It will be a privilege to play against some of the best players that have played the game.
But it's definitely a great test in all aspects, and I think everybody is excited about playing in this setting.  Now all of a sudden you're playing against that team.  So it should be a good test in a lot of ways, and looking forward to seeing, not just thinking offense, but knowing you've got to be at your best to contain that group.

Q.  Coming off of the Olympic break and everything, you've had a chance to go to New York, and now you have a big game like this.  Does that help raise the intensity level coming off that long layoff?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  I think everybody was targeting.  I think as this week progressed it was a few more guys joined the practices, and I think we're excited going into yesterday's game.  Little disappointed the way things evolved in the game, but I think everybody from the start of this year had targeted this game on Saturday night, and there's a lot to look forward to it in a lot of different ways and to measure how much fun it is to be a part of a game like this.
I looked back when we played outdoors at Wrigley, and it was a game you'd never forget.  As a player and a coach, it's a privilege to get in this setting and a very memorable game.  You're playing against some of the best players in the league or in the game, and I think that makes it even more exciting as well.  We haven't seen Pittsburgh all year, so there is some unpredictability going into the game as well, so it's setting up for a fun night.

Q.  I'm sure they're going to promote with Malkin and Crosby against Toews and Kane.  If you watched this as a fan, would you want to see some of these match‑ups?  Would you be excited to see these guys against each other?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  I'm sure they're going to be out there against one another.  Jonny's line generally gets some of the best, and Sid plays a ton and Malkin plays a lot as well, so they'll definitely be out there against one another.  And hopefully they're five‑on‑five when they're killing penalties.  But we expect them to be out there.
Who knows how exactly the match‑ups will play out.  The score could probably dictate that.  But I think the top guys, I'm sure, are looking forward to what's going on.  They want to be on the ice as well, so we'll see how much they get against each other.  But I anticipate they'll see each other tomorrow night.

Q.  Coach Bylsma earlier said with the conditions he had to be careful he wasn't going to overcoach tomorrow.  Is that something you feel you have to guard against if it does indeed get really cold tomorrow?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  I think that's what they're saying.  It might be a little colder tomorrow.  And if it snows, think everybody will be excited to play in that setting.  I know Pittsburgh was in that environment when they played in Buffalo.  I think you look back at your days when you're a kid growing up and you had some outdoor opportunities, and when it snowed, it seemed like the intensity picked up or it just seemed that everybody had more fun, be it spectators or the players, for sure.  We'll see how that plays out whether we get snow or not.
But it's an outdoor game and it's a special night.  I think everybody's excited about it.  I don't think we're going to change too much how we've played in the past, but the conditions seem fine out there, and I think it should turn into a regular game.  I think both teams are needing two points.  When you look at the standings there a lot of teams around us, so there's motivation.

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