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February 28, 2014

Angela Stanford


Q. Another good round for you today?
ANGELA STANFORD: I think my putter has really been working this week. Rolling it really good. Seeing the lines really good. Iテや冦 putting myself in good spots and making putts.

Q. A couple weird lies on the back nine. Are those shots you walk up to and think these are ones Iテや况e practiced or what am I going to do?
ANGELA STANFORD: I donテや冲 know what it is about that 13th holes but it is out to get me. It was weird. To have two on the same hole and walk up in the middle of the fairway and itテや冱 sitting down in the hole. To be in the bunker is fine but the rake had stopped it so it was sort of weird. But it makes you feel better when you getting it up and down and make par.
Our history starts last year. We have a long history together.

Q. Any similarities youテや决e playing off of the course you won on?
ANGELA STANFORD: Theyテや决e very different. I think just when you leave here テや Iテや况e always loved coming to Singapore. The Fairmont is one of the nicest Iテや况e every stayed at. The people are so friendly and itテや冱 just a great place to be for the week. And HSBC is obviously an amazing host. Itテや冱 just a nice place to be, itテや冱 a great week.

Q. What happened on 12?
ANGELA STANFORD: Just a bad tee shot got me going. And had a funny lie in the rough and we were kind of in between on what we thought the ball would do on the third shot on that lie. It just jumped and took off. I must have gone down the cart path. I thought it was going to be right behind the green and I get up there and itテや冱 down the cart path. I just kept thinking just keep it to a bogey and try to get out of this jam and keep going.

Q. Too early for you to be looking at the leaderboard during todayテや冱 round?
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, last year is still fresh in my mind and I struggled on this golf course. Iテや冦 not getting ahead of myself. I know whatテや冱 still out there.

Q. How much of a factor are accommodations for you?
ANGELA STANFORD: I just think itテや冱 whether youテや决e comfortable. Good meals at night. When Iテや冦 in the States I control my environment a little more than when weテや决e here. But theyテや况e done a great job for us. I guess I can throw in the Air Weave thing. The beds have been great. I didnテや冲 know what to expect but thatテや冱 been a lot of fun to get to sleep on that every night.
People always said I can feel the bed week to week which I thought was crazy but the older you get, your body takes it.

Q. New sponsor this year?
ANGELA STANFORD: Iテや况e worn Polo my whole life. For as long as I can remember. Back into junior golf and I love the brand. Itテや冱 a very classic brand. I love it. I feel comfortable in it and have no problem with them being on my shirt.
Well Iテや况e worn them for a long time and normally have a logo there and changing now so I said letテや冱 just leave the horse on. The lady that I work with has been great. She knows what I like now and she sends me stuff and I write her back and say that was perfect.

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