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February 28, 2014

Russell Knox


Q.  Congratulations on a great round, you started off on the back nine with three consecutive birdies at 11, 12 and 13 and that got your round rolling.  Describe those holes?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Yeah, it was nice to get off to a great start.  I hit a perfect drive on 11.  Hit a perfect 8‑iron distance and hit it in there pretty close.
12, hit it in there eight feet, straight up the hill, 13, ten feet.  Just nice shots and pretty easy putts I left myself so it was nice to see a few go in early.
I kept it going all day.  I putted‑‑ it was one of my better putting rounds since I've been out here.

Q.  A lot is being made of the benign conditions, how did you find it out there, as you obviously played very well?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Yeah, it was soft.  Fairways are pretty soft.  The greens, you could be fairly aggressive heading into the pin.  But you're right, the conditions were perfect and I took advantage of them.

Q.  You're from Scotland but by way of Jacksonville university; anybody coming down for the weekend?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Well, shooting a 63, I'll have a few more people.  My family is here and I have a few people walking around, so it's nice to have some support.

Q.  I don't know if you're aware, but ten much the last 12 winners here are international players.  You've got Rory, Westwood, yourself up there.  What do you think it is about this course maybe?
RUSSELL KNOX:  I don't know, maybe the wind.  I think that's a terrible thing to say today because there's been not much wind, but I don't know, I would say maybe the wind‑‑ it's just a great course.  I don't think you can say anything, just kind of a pure fluke I think.
Maybe you've got to flight it a little lower here just there's a lot of holes where you've just got to hit it straight and maybe Europeans can hit it lower, I don't know.  I know I can hit it low.  But it all comes down to putting.

Q.  What was going the best for you today?
RUSSELL KNOX:  I got lucky on 15.  I hit a bad shot there and I carried the water by an inch probably.  So that was‑‑ I made par, so that was kind of lucky and then just getting through 16 and 17, I just got through the disaster holes and took advantage of the so‑called easier holes.  I drove it well and I putted great, too.  So makes it easier.

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