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February 28, 2014

Russell Henley


Q.テつ Congratulations on another solid round, 68 today, how did you find the course on Friday morning?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ I definitely didn't start out as strong as yesterday.テつ But hung in there and I'm really confident with my putting and short game, so that's what got me through today and had some really nice up‑and‑downs.テつ Got a little bit more comfortable on the back nine and had a couple birdies coming in.

Q.テつ Finishing up with the Bear Trap, so much is made of that, two times now, you've been in some trouble on 17, gotten out of trouble, gotten up‑and‑down; how critical is that?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ It's huge.テつ I mean, I actually got a good break yesterday, and today, bailed out at least to the left side, which is where you're supposed to go if you're going to bail out.テつ You know, I just got a really good lie over there and took advantage of it.

Q.テつ And finally at 8‑under par, you're obviously right in contention for the weekend, what's your mind‑set now with 36 to go?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing.テつ I haven't been in contention obviously as much as I would like in the last however many months but this is where I want to be and this is why I practice and I'm just going to try and enjoy it.

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