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February 27, 2014

Philipp Kohlschreiber


6‑2, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Nice feeling to be in the semifinals?
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER:テつ Yes, of course.テつ It's always great to win many matches on the tour, especially a few rounds in a row.
Of course I'm happy.テつ I think I had a very solid and good performance today, so it's nothing to worry about.

Q.テつ What was the key for you today?テつ Jaziri seemed a bit fatigued or tired.
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER:テつ Well, I think we had some really good rallies.テつ My key or my goal was always to move him around a lot.テつ He was playing quite defensive, especially on the backhand side.
Well, that's what I'm doing pretty well, you know, moving around my opponent, trying to play with good angles, and, yeah, I was very solid from the baseline.テつ I took the chances, you know, tried to be aggressive.
His second serve wasn't that huge weapon.テつ He kind of high‑bounced but slow, so I tried to be aggressive from the start on, and I had a good start in the first set and that gave me a lot of confidence.

Q.テつ The prospect of your semifinal opponent, Berdych or Tsonga, what do you make of that?
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER:テつ Well, both very great players.テつ They hit very hard.テつ Maybe Tsonga is serving a little bit better, maybe, but it's very close, I think.
It's going to be interesting matchup today.テつ And like I mentioned on the center court, you know, they are both over last years really great players.テつ It's going to be very tough.テつ I try to have to do something different, I think.テつ I have to try to dictate the game.テつ Otherwise, you know, if they push me around, I think they are too powerful.テつ I lost a couple of times against both players, so I have to do something different.

Q.テつ Your 300th win today.
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER:テつ Thanks for the stat.テつ Yeah, that's good (smiling).

Q.テつ You have been remarkably consistent here.テつ Have you got fresh targets for this year and beyond?
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER:テつ Well, of course.テつ Every year you put with your team, you know, certain goals.テつ I said once it would be great to enter once in my tennis career top 10.テつ It would be still my dream, you know.
I also said there are some guys I play very well matches against them that are in the top 10, so I think it's not 100% unrealistic, but it's of course a huge step.
But trying to get back in the top 20‑‑ you know, I had injury in the last year for two months.テつ So try to now make some good steps forward, and, you know, just enjoy the game.テつ It's great that I have already 300 victories on my belt, of course.

Q.テつ A question about stats.テつ Last week ATP ranking, 8 of top 20 are one‑handed back handers.テつ Do you think one‑handed back handers are coming back?
PHILIPP KOHLSCHREIBER:テつ Well, I think the only guy from the young ones is Dimitrov who is playing one‑handed.テつ He's not really changing a lot.テつ I think the players that have been around for a while, like Gasquet, so it's nothing new.
I think it's not a matter about two‑handed or one‑handed.テつ I think it's, you know, there's very high level of tennis.テつ So sometimes you win; sometimes you lose.テつ The rankings are changing a little bit, and that makes it very interesting that it goes very fast in tennis.テつ You have no time to rest.テつ You have to perform every year on top level.テつ Otherwise it's very brutal.テつ If you're injured, you drop your rankings, you cannot play the big tournaments.
So you have to be always on a very good level, and it change around.テつ So that makes it very interesting, I think.

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