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February 27, 2014

William McGirt


Q.¬† Bogey‑free,65, kept the momentum rolling, good round today?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  Yeah, it was a good, solid round.  I drove it pretty well.  Hit a couple iron shots close, hit it in there about 18 inches for eagle on 3.  Hit it pretty close on 18 and 8.  But I had some good par saves kind of in the middle, late part of the back nine, my first nine, and kind of kept the momentum going.

Q.  I heard your interview last week and you talked about having time off after what happened at Riviera.  I'm sure you are with itching to get back out and play, but having a break was probably pretty nice, too?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  Yeah, I was itching to go play but I took a couple of days to sleep.  Seven weeks on the road gets to be a long time.  We were busy last week, so it just kind of rest and relax.  I didn't touch a club till Thursday, so it was nice to take a couple days off.

Q.¬† Conditions today, rain forecast, ball‑in‑hand, perfect storm for scoring?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  Yeah, couple that with perfect greens, and yeah, it's a recipe for low scoring.

Q.¬† Bogey‑free in the opening round, how good of a score was it on a course that seemed to be giving up some scores?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  The key out here is you have to drive it in the fairway.  You cannot play this golf course in the rough.  I think I hit 11 of 14 fairways today so that was key to everything.  Had a couple of good par saves in the middle and the back nine, my first nine starting out and kind of rode the momentum from there.

Q.  A chance to win at Riviera and finished tied for sixth.  How much of today is a continuation of what you did in Los Angeles?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  Just fall back on what was working and stay out of your own way.  Just play dumb out there for a while, let Brandon give me a yardage, tell me what club, read putts, see the shot, try to hit it.  Like I said, not overthinking anything.

Q.  Is this as well as you've played in your career?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  I wouldn't say it's as well as I've played in my career but it's a pretty good stretch.  About as well as I've played since I've been out here.  Like I said, just stayed out of my own way.  I feel like I've been hitting it pretty well all year, and just haven't been able to make any putts.
Looking at Riviera Sunday, I actually hit it pretty close.  It's just every putt I had was straight downhill putting towards the ocean, breaking about three feet, stuff you're not going to make a lot of.  You know, Saturday I hit it 30, 35 feet and putted straight up the hill.  They were almost dead straight every time so just kind of banged the back of the hole out.  Just trying to stay out of my own way and let it happen.

Q.  Everybody talks about how different this is from the West Coast, the grass and the wind, how difficult was that adjustment, or was it?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  Not very.  I grew up playing bermuda so it was not a big deal.  I came down here Sunday, went down to Charleston Thursday, worked a couple days with my teacher, stopped at Sawgrass on the way down.  So didn't take too long.

Q.  Have you been off since Riviera?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  Yeah, I took four days and did not do a thing.

Q.  How good was that for you mentally?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  Mentally it was huge, because I was pretty well spent.  Physically, I have never slept as hard as I have the last ten days or so.  Been nice to get some sleep.

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