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February 27, 2014

Tiger Woods


Q.  Can you sum up your day?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I didn't make much.  I had probably the first four holes right out of the gate, I had four good looks and didn't make any of them.  Then I made three good saves in a row at 16, 17, 18, which was nice, and then didn't really hit the ball that well on the back nine.  Then I started putting better.  Figures.
I hit it good starting out.  Hit it kind of scrappy in the middle and then hit it good at the end.  But it was just one or the other, I either hit it good and missed the putt, and then scrap around and make a putt.

Q.  Does that sum up the way you've started the year, just having a hard time putting it all together?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, it certainly wasn't together today.  Didn't get into a roll early‑‑ I told you I had four good looks early and they were easy putts, too, and I just didn't have the speed right.  The grain is pretty strong out there and I read it wrong a few times.
They are slower but they are really grainy, and I got fooled on the grain a few times today, how much it tugged.  We were talking about it out there today in our group, how much‑‑ how different this golf course plays this year compared to last year.  They were as slippery as can be last year where now they are sticky and slower.

Q.  Is it more frustrating to hit your Mark and miss‑read the grain, because I thought you hit your Mark on 6,7,8,9, I thought you put the ball where you wanted to?
TIGER WOODS:  I hit good putts but I just didn't figure out the grain as well as I needed to.  I need to do a better job of that, there's no doubt.  Zach put on pretty much a clinic on how to do it.  I just need to do it.

Q.  Today marks the 20‑year anniversary of your first ever round on the PGA TOUR.  Were you aware of that?
TIGER WOODS:  No.  I'm not aware of it.

Q.  What are your memories of that first day, you shot 72.
TIGER WOODS:  I did.  I remember hitting 3‑wood off the first tee, and I remember stepping up to it, like just really no big deal, simple little 3‑wood down there and going to have some kind of flip 4‑iron or 5‑iron in there.  I took the club back, I'll never forget how heavy the club felt all of a sudden.  Knocked it down there right in the middle of the fairway actually and then hit it on the green and 2‑putted, birdie.
Actually the next hole was probably the best hole.  I sniped it against the fence over there and played some kind of hook shot to the front part of the green and made par.  That I do remember.

Q.  Do you remember the pressure or nerves of your 16‑year‑old self?
TIGER WOODS:  I think I remember I shot like 72‑75 maybe.  I was 17 back of Davis, I believe it was, after two days and I thought, you know, what the guy gave me a shot every other hole, and I have a long way to go before I can even think about playing out here.

Q.  Can you talk about what Zach did, getting over that start and the way he came back?
TIGER WOODS:  Not surprising knowing how tough this guy is.  We were talking about it in there, he was pretty stoked about what he did today, and he said‑‑ talking about, you know, Comeback Player of the Year and all that kind of stuff, and he definitely had a comeback player of the day award.  I imagine if you flip it around and start off that way and finish that way, yeah, he would be pretty pissed.
So he would much rather have it this way and fight back and earn it and get it this way.  You have a certain feeling going into the next day than if he would have flipped it around.

Q.  Any positives you take away from today?
TIGER WOODS:  I hit it good enough to shoot probably at least three or four lower than I did.  I had so many looks where I just missed, and I just need to be‑‑ I just need to read them a little bit better than I did today.

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