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February 27, 2014

Karrie Webb


MEGHAN FLANAGAN:  Karrie, you opened up with a 66 today, four of your six birdies came on the front nine.  Just talk about the round and that hot start obviously had to set the tone.
KARRIE WEBB:  Yeah, definitely set the tone and I think for me, anyway, on this course, I find it quite tricky to trust where you've got to hit it off the tee, and it leaves some challenging iron shots in from some long distances out on the par 4s.  For me, getting off to a good start really allowed me to settle in and trust my game plan for the rest of the day.
MEGHAN FLANAGAN:   You won in Singapore in 2011 but different course, across town at Tanah Merah.  Any parallels to that course this week, are you playing off any good memory as being a past champ but being as a different course is kind of a different situation?
KARRIE WEBB:  Yeah, it is a different situation, but I've always enjoyed coming to Singapore.  I think it's a great city and I'm a bit of a foodie, so I love going and trying all different foods this week.
Yeah, so I do enjoy it here.  And it's nice, too, because there's a lot of Aussies in Singapore.  So I always have quite a big following out there which is fun.
MEGHAN FLANAGAN:¬†¬† You talked to Stacy about her Top‑10 streak, she's at 13 now and you hold the all‑time record at 16.¬† Do you remember anything from that streak? I know you have plenty of records in the record book but how much pride do you have in that one and if so how badly do you not want Stacy to break that?
KARRIE WEBB:¬† Well, I don't think it was even made a big deal of.¬† I didn't even know I held had the record until a couple years ago and Sun‑Young Kim had a couple Top 10s in a row and that's the first time I even knew about it.¬† But if I know me at that time in my career, I was probably more annoyed that I didn't have more wins and converted more wins out of those Top 10s.¬†
So now I do appreciate how good I played, and if I can have two or three Top 10s in a row, I'm on a roll.  So having 16 is pretty impressive, if I do say so myself I guess.
MEGHAN FLANAGAN:   Talk about conditions today.  I know the heat doesn't necessarily bother you, so you always grew up in the hot part of Australia, but talk about wind conditions.  You're on a streak of playing three consecutive events in warm climates.  Just talk about heat and conditions out there this week.
KARRIE WEBB:  Yeah, well, I think it's as windy as I've ever seen it here.  We definitely didn't play this course with as much wind as last year.  That makes it tricky.  That probably makes it not as hot which is nice.  But yeah, just adds that extra challenge to the golf course.

Q.¬† Not just today but this year has been a great start for you, you won the Aussie Open again.¬† What do you attribute your revival to, something did you in the off‑season or are you just feeling better overall?
KARRIE WEBB:  I won three times last year around the world, so I don't know if it's a revival as such.  But you know, I just feel good about my game.  I've had a very good career and I feel like I want to finish in the fashion that I started.
I just continue to work hard, and my working hard now is probably a little different to my working hard 20 years ago but it's still working hard, and as long as I'm happy to put the hard work in, then I know I'll have a chance to compete out here.

Q.  On a more general note, there's a lot of talk about slow play and trying to speed up play on all the professional tours.  Is enough being done on the LPGA Tour, and how else do you think players could be encouraged to speed up?
KARRIE WEBB:¬† I think the LPGA has been very proactive in pace of play and I'm on the player board, so we talk about it a lot.¬† We are definitely being proactive about it.¬† I think where it can start is the coaches, and they are coaching‑‑ they are coaching‑‑ well, young kids, but they are coaching anyone that they go to, pre‑shot routines or lining the branding up or the line on your ball when you're putting, and you know, even if you're off a 25 handicap, you should do that.
They should be teaching a fast‑‑ a fast routine, not this hit when it's your turn to hit and don't read your putt until it's your turn to read your putt.¬† There's loads of young kids that come out on Tour now and they just stand there until it's there turn to hit there put or they stand there and wait until it's their turn to hit and then they start processing the numbers and picking their club and I think that all boils down to coaching.¬† I think coaching‑‑

Q.  We had a couple penalties the last year on the PGA TOUR  particularly for young Asian players.  Do you think the LPGA needs to start doing that to really get people to pay attention?
KARRIE WEBB:  We did that last year.  People got penalties and people got fined money.  We are doing that.

Q.¬† What happened at the end of the round with your scorecard, you didn't sign it‑‑ did you have a flashback to a couple weeks ago?
KARRIE WEBB:  I just had trouble getting out of the scorer tent since then.  So I walked out and couldn't remember if I signed my card, which it would have been too late anyway.  But before I did an interview and said how happy I was to shoot 66, I wanted to make sure I had signed my card.  (Laughter).
MEGHAN FLANAGAN:  One of those mistakes you don't want to make twice, ever.

Q.  You shot six birdies ever.  What do you think contributed to such a good performance today and how do you intend to keep this going the next three days?
KARRIE WEBB:¬† Well, actually, probably one of my most consistent ball‑striking days today, of the year.¬† I probably equal‑‑ maybe not as equal to the Australian Open but pretty close today.¬† I hit 16 greens, which is the most greens I've hit this year in a round.¬† Avoiding trying to get up‑and‑down on these greens is definitely a key to not makes any bogeys.
I think my keys to the next three days is play similarly to that but not expect that I'm going to shoot 6‑under every day.¬† If I do, I'll be very happy about that but just manage my game well and eliminate as many mistakes as possible.
MEGHAN FLANAGAN:¬†¬† Big story line for us is the talent and the competitiveness within the Top‑10 of the Rolex Rankings, so many stars, a lot has been going on in the three with Suzann and Stacy.¬† You're up to No. 7 now.¬†¬† At this point in your career, do you look at that type of stuff and say, I know I can be No. 1 and that's what I play for, or are those the kind of things that happen on your own if I just play my game?
KARRIE WEBB:  I'm definitely at a stage in my life where those things will happen on their own if I play well.  You know, 15 years ago, I would have been waking up every morning and wondering or working towards whatever it took to be No. 1.
Fortunately I've been there, done that, so if it happens again, that's wonderful.¬† I'm just trying to keep up with the young kids and give myself as many opportunities as I can to win and enjoy it.¬† We're talking about the Top‑10 streak record that I have, and I can tell you that I didn't enjoy my golf nearly as much as I should have back then.

Q.  Can we have a list of the food stuffs you've been enjoying in Singapore?
KARRIE WEBB:  Well, tonight is really my first chance to get out.  I went to Japanese on Tuesday night.  Tonight we're going to Banana Leaf, Indian.

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