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February 23, 2014

Victor Dubuisson


Q.テつ Victor Dubuisson is a name a lot of Americans and a lot of golfers around the world are going to be a lot more familiar with tonight.テつ Congratulations on fantastic play.テつ I'm sure you're disappointed you didn't win.テつ But what an extraordinary performance?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ Yeah, I'm disappointed because I made some terrible shots.テつ I missed some shots at the end.テつ It was just the chip on 10.テつ I thought it was perfect, but just had a bad bounce.テつ I just hit it exactly where I wanted it, but got a bad bounce.テつ But the course is the course.

Q.テつ That's the way the game goes.テつ Are we going to see you here on this side of the Atlantic again?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ Yeah, I hope.テつ Just every time I had like a given birdie, he made his putt.テつ And I was very impressed by his nerve, yeah.

Q.テつ There's a lot of tournament sponsors that have been watching this.テつ Maybe an invite here and there may be a good idea.テつ Well done, Victor.

Q.テつ You should be incredibly proud.テつ 3‑down and 6 to play, you battled back.テつ You had some inspirational shots.テつ Tell us your emotions now.
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ I'm very disappointed.テつ I had the opportunity to win and just in the playoff I missed two‑‑ I made two really bad shots.テつ But that's golf.
I made some good shots, but Jason, he made some very good putts during the round.テつ His birdie on the par‑5 was amazing.テつ And then he made a very important putt here.
So I tried to do my best, honestly.テつ I tried to fight back.テつ I made a good birdie on 17, but on a playoff here, you never know how it can go.テつ Next time I will be ready.

Q.テつ Some incredible ups and downs.テつ The 18th, 19th, 20th, how do you produce that under pressure?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ I just play my shot 100 percent like it was a playable shot, like I have nothing to lose.テつ It was a difficult day.テつ We made‑‑ he made the right putt at the right time.

Q.テつ Lots of positives to take from this, one of them being that you get $900,000.
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ I'm very excited about the Ryder Cup.テつ It was a big goal for me this year.テつ Now I have a place on the team.テつ And this event was a good preparation for me because I know what I have to work on for the Ryder Cup.

Q.テつ You're off to Augusta for the first time.テつ Good luck there.テつ Congratulations.

Q.テつ What wonderful mental fortitude you showed out there.テつ Tell me about those two shots out of the desert in the extra holes.
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ Those two shots were amazing.テつ I just played it like I had nothing to lose.テつ On the first hole, on the first playoff hole, I was a little bit surprised it ended up in the desert.テつ It was a great shot, but then I made two very good ups and downs.
I made a great putt on the 14th.
But on this hole he made a great birdie, a great chip.テつ He made the very important putts to stay up.テつ And he can be very proud of‑‑ he really deserved it.テつ He made a good putt.

Q.テつ You should be proud, as well.テつ You made a lot of fans in the United States this week.
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ It's nice that the people like me.テつ It's my third start here in the States, also my fourth start.テつ I think I need to get used to the course, to the grass.テつ But I did well this week and I had some good nerve against my opponent.テつ I know what I have to do now to improve.

Q.テつ The 18 holes were just the precursor to the extra holes that you produced.テつ Can you describe the eight saves that you made in the desert?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ Those shots were‑‑ I played like I had nothing to lose.テつ And then I made some good ups and downs.テつ I was a little disappointed with my chips, but that's golf.テつ And today just I made some very good putts at the right time.テつ I battled as hard as I could at the end.
He can be very proud because he made a very important putt at the right time.

Q.テつ You don't have a lot of recent match play experience.テつ What did you learn about yourself as a match play player this week?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ I've learned that my nerves‑‑ what do you say‑‑ like my mental can be very solid in a difficult situation.テつ I've learned that anything can happen.

Q.テつ The two shots on the 19th and 20th, which one was more‑‑
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ They were both veryplayable.テつ But on the first playoff hole, I was thinking, okay, you have to play it hard into the‑‑
On the 19th, it was an unplayable shot, but it was in the rough with the break and it did the job.

Q.テつ What did you hit?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ 9‑iron.テつ It's a difficult shot to play on the green.テつ You miss one meter right, you just go down the green and you're dead.テつ And if you're like five meters too much left, you just go where I was.

Q.テつ You're feeling what, happy, disappointed?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ Happy, but at the same time disappointed, because this afternoon I didn't play very well.テつ I just battled, especially the back nine.
And at the end, I really battled hard, because I wanted to take a chance, at least, to take my chance.テつ But then I was very surprised with the bounce, the direction on my chip on the 10th on the playoff.テつ But it was perfect, but it was very dry.

Q.テつ Talk about you as a potential Ryder Cup star.
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ Yeah, I think I will play the Ryder Cup, I guess, with the ranking, the points.テつ So this week I've learned a lot.テつ It will help me for the Ryder Cup.テつ I know what I have to improve on.

Q.テつ Have you hit better ups and downs with as much pressure as those two?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ Yeah, in Turkey, I made some very good chip at the end, some good putts to win.テつ And in match you always have to take your chance.テつ So I knew I had to take my chance, but at the end he made a great birdie.テつ He didn't play his best golf, as me today, we didn't play very well, but he made the very important putt at the right time and that was the key for his win today.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ He congratulated me.テつ He said it was a very tough match.テつ So, no, I'm very happy for him, because as I said, I didn't play very well, the same for him.テつ But when he had some very important putt to make to stay up.テつ He made it and that's what is important in match play.

Q.テつ A lot of Americans are going to remember who you are?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ I'm very happy about that.テつ I hope I can play here now.テつ I will definitely play more.

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