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February 26, 2014

Adam Scott


JOHN BUSH:  We have Adam Scott here at the Honda Classic, making his fourth career start at this event, his third start of the season, but first since his two top 10 finishes in Hawai'i.  If we can just get your thoughts on the week.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, obviously it's good to be back.  I've had a nice break, and starting here in the Florida Swing, this is a great event, another great field that's here this week, so it's going to be a true test to see whether I've been working on my break or not.

Q.  When you take an extended break like this, at what point do you finally switch off, and at what point do you say I'm tired of practicing, I'm tired of being in this beautiful environment, I need to start competing again?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, it felt like a short break compared to the last couple years I had 11‑ and 12‑week breaks, which was very nice.  But I took the first three weeks off golf, and it was hard to kind of wind down to be honest and not go and play.  I've been playing really nicely, so always makes it easier to want to go to the golf course.
But after three weeks I kind of felt like I needed to start swinging again and started to get the itch, but I think I timed it pretty well because I've had a nice couple weeks of intense practice before getting here and a week of playing with some mates before that.  I feel like I've had a nice preparation, but this is a very tough test, and it's probably not the ideal one to float back in off after an extended break.

Q.  You seemingly made peaking on art form.  How long did it take you to kind of come to your place in your career?
ADAM SCOTT:  10 years, was it, I think, it took me to figure out?  Yeah, the last couple years has been planned well and executed well, I think, and that's what I'm trying to do this year.  You know, I think even though I've just had a little bit of a break, I'm giving myself enough time to peak.  It's obvious what I'm trying to peak for, but these are all important steps, and a poor performance sets you back.  Confidence doesn't keep growing.  You want it to all kind of snowball, so it's important that I come here and play well, and I think I've got myself as ready as I can be to tackle this course this week.

Q.  How did you spend the six weeks, and then is this very different in terms of any other in terms of your approach or your preparation coming back?
ADAM SCOTT:  The only really maybe interesting thing I did, I stayed in Hawai'i for a week after the Sony and I surfed and played some golf socially over on the Big Island and just enjoyed being in Hawai'i, because you're there, why not.  And other than that, it was pretty boring.  It was just kind of whittling the days away and waking up and checking the news and seeing what was happening and trying to find a couple things to do other than spend 12 hours on the couch.
It was a pretty boring break.  I definitely did not get up to too much, but I think it was needed.  That was only for a couple weeks where I killed some time, and then, like I said, the last few weeks I've really been back up at the golf course and into the gym and into the routine.
You know, it kind of went by quick.

Q.  You talked about the field.  How much does it fire you up to come in to arguably one of the best fields you're going to be in?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, it's probably going to be one of the best fields of the year for sure.  It is, like I said.  It's going to be a true test of where my game is at at this point in time, because I think the fields are as strong as we're going to see on the PGA TOUR this year, and I think with a tough test golf course like this, I think everyone is trying to measure themselves up and see where they're at and how much work needs to be put in before the next run of big tournaments.

Q.  Do you think it's easy to fall into a trap of thinking so much about four majors a year that you disregard performances at other tournaments?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I think potentially, yeah, for sure it's easy to fall in that trap.  I think I probably have in the past when I wasn't getting my kind of‑‑ planning quite right, even though my head was in the majors, you've got to understand that the process to getting there is all important, as well.  That's why I said, my performance this week is important in that process of getting to Augusta with the most confidence, and good results kind of breed confidence.  I'm looking to kind of pick up where I left off in Hawai'i hopefully and get in contention.

Q.  How much does a win matter before any major?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I think from a confidence point of view, wins are huge, but we don't see guys going to win back‑to‑back weeks too often, either, so I don't think it necessarily means that you're going to win.  It's just a good indication of where you're at.  You're obviously playing at a high level, now keep it there and give yourself a chance next week.
I mean, I'd like to win before, sure.  But if it means I'm not going to win Augusta, I'd rather switch it around.  I guess we're trying to win them all, and it doesn't happen too often.
Peaking is the real art form.  You know, the best player, Tiger, has managed to win when he's not playing his best and then still be able to peak at the times he wants, so I guess that's really the benchmark.

Q.  Peaking could take a different art form for different players I imagine?
ADAM SCOTT:  Absolutely.  I mean, I think everyone is completely different in the way they go about it, and you've got to find out what best works for you and what you believe in and start from there.  I think there are some good base models, but I'm not going to do the same thing as anyone else because no one else thinks like me, I guess.  We're all different.  Like you, Doug.

Q.  Other than surfing, what things do you do once you get away from the golf course to kind of recharge your batteries and how important is it to come back out here and be fully fresh and get your mind back on golf?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, other than a bit of surfing, I just enjoy the ocean full stop, so I've been out in the ocean a few times, even just to go for a swim at the end of the day for 30 minutes.  It feels good to me.
But your point of being recharged, that's extremely important out here.  I mean, when you come and play events like this with this standard of field and depth of talent on the TOUR now, to put in 110 percent takes a lot out, and when you do that 20, 25 weeks a year, you need to be feeling pretty chipper while you're out here and enjoying it and have a good attitude.  It's easy to get in a rut and not, so breaks are important, and then you've got to come back out wanting to be out here and ready to play.

Q.  A couple weeks ago Tiger made a comment that said that everybody is pointing to that one week in April this time of year, and Phil came out and said this feels like the start of the year to him.  Do you get that idea that when you start in Florida that this is really sort of the kickoff to the Masters countdown?
ADAM SCOTT:  I think this year it definitely feels like that, absolutely, just the way the schedule has panned out with this kind of overlapping season, and also the fact how guys have scheduled themselves‑‑ a few guys didn't play last week and kind of made the importance of this event raise a lot, and it kind of has a feeling like it used to.
The schedule is changing so often, but when we got to THE PLAYERS it always had a feel when it was in March, it always had a feel that now all the big golf is starting.  Everyone shows up from all around the world to THE PLAYERS, all the media from around the world come.  This is a big deal, and this event this week kind of has that similar kind of feel certainly.

Q.  In the past Phil has said sometimes he's playing tournaments leading into Augusta, and he hits shots like he would maybe to the 13th hole while he's at another golf course.  Do you find yourself thinking about shots you're going to play in a month when you're playing events now?
ADAM SCOTT:  No, I don't think I'm that good to be able to do that.  I just look at the one I've got.  I think that's hard enough than imagining I'm on another hole somewhere.  I don't know, I'm just trying to do the best I can do with what's in front of me.  But certainly they're preparing hard for it doing that, and I try and do that in the two weeks leading up and hope that that's going to be enough for me to handle it when I'm there.

Q.  After the start of your season or your year, does this year feel different maybe than past ones, whether it's confidence, approach, just because obviously the success from last year?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I think it feels different because of the good run I had last year and just my own expectation going into this year and trying to balance that.  I'd love to pick up right where I left off and charge out and win another major and win PGA TOUR events and anything I play in.  But it's not easy to do that, and a lot went into getting me to that point last year, and if I expect to have a year the same or better, then I think I've got to put in more, just have the same kind of year.
So balancing my own expectation I think is something new for me to experience this year after coming in off my career year last year, really.
JOHN BUSH:  Adam Scott, thank you, sir.

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