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February 22, 2014

Alla Kudryavtseva

Anastasia Rodionova


6‑2, 5‑7, 10‑8

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Many congratulations.テつ Just your respective reactions to winning the final this evening?
ANASTASIA RODIONOVA:テつ Well, we are very happy, of course (laughter).テつ You know, we played really good tennis in the last few months.テつ Now it's a little bit different than when we started to play.テつ When we got to the tournament, we wanted to win it, and we did.
It's not like it gonna happen every week, but it's already our second title this year, and I'm really happy with the way we both are playing on the court, communicating well and working on all our things.テつ Clearly, you know, it transfers on the court, as well.
We definitely happy with the result.テつ We beat a lot of good teams this week, and just gonna keep doing what we are doing.

Q.テつ Alla, what do you put it down to?
テつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつ ALLA KUDRYAVTSEVA:テつ I totally agree with Anastasia.テつ I mean, we wouldn't be playing together if I disagreed (laughter)?
ANASTASIA RODIONOVA:テつ That's a slight overexaggeration, but that's okay.
ALLA KUDRYAVTSEVA:テつ What?テつ Anyways.テつ (Smiling.)
I'm really happy with the way we have been playing, so it's really amazing.テつ The end of the match was very nerve‑wracking, so I think my voice is still trembling.テつ I'm sorry for that.テつ (Giggling.)

Q.テつ Just the dynamics of the match, as well.テつ They took you to the champions tiebreak.テつ Having won the first set convincingly, you trailed in the tiebreak.テつ What was the strategy behind the win?
ANASTASIA RODIONOVA:テつ Well, definitely put as many returns as possible.テつ They gave us a lot of second serves in the first set, but we were returning unbelievable.テつ I think we put a lot of pressure on the first set.テつ That's why we broke them so many times.
ALLA KUDRYAVTSEVA:テつ I really think they picked it up in the second.
ANASTASIA RODIONOVA:テつ It was more difficult for us to get in the point.テつ We knew the tiebreak, we knew under pressure it's very tough to put every single first serve.
That's where was our window and we took it.テつ That's the opportunity we had.テつ As soon as we get second serve, we were getting into the point and making them play as many balls as possible.テつ And of course, down‑the‑line forehand on the first serve it helped a little bit.

Q.テつ Just obviously gives you a great deal of confidence.テつ Going forward, what are your goals?テつ Grand Slams?テつ Do you think that's possible?
ANASTASIA RODIONOVA:テつ As I said before, every tournament we play we're gonna win now.テつ I mean, seriously, it's unrealistic to say that, but that's the intention.
That's how we are going to go and play the tournaments.テつ Happens, it's great.テつ Doesn't happen, we are still happy with the way we work together on the court.テつ And as a team, I think we already achieved a lot, and we are just going to keep doing the same things.テつ I'm pretty sure that good things will happen.

Q.テつ Is there a reason why you were dancing at the end?
ALLA KUDRYAVTSEVA:テつ After we won I was dancing?テつ No, after we won I was dancing because I was happy.テつ I'm pretty emotional person, so that's how I express my happiness, I guess, with some weird movements.

Q.テつ A bit more dancing maybe for later?
ALLA KUDRYAVTSEVA:テつ We will see.テつ We have ‑‑we both have flights.テつ I have an early flight tomorrow.テつ Anastasia is leaving tonight.テつ It's a very difficult schedule for us.
ANASTASIA RODIONOVA:テつ I will definitely celebrate.
ALLA KUDRYAVTSEVA:テつ Definitely celebrate.テつ Don't know about dancing.

Q.テつ What makes you think together?テつ How long do you know each other?
ANASTASIA RODIONOVA:テつ Way too long we know each other.テつ We are very good friends for many, many years.テつ Ten?
ALLA KUDRYAVTSEVA:テつ Yes, Anastasia was one of the first high‑level professional tennis players I actually had the honor to practice with back when I was like 16 and 900 in the world.テつ So we have known each other for a long time.

Q.テつ What makes you tick together?
ANASTASIA RODIONOVA:テつ Understanding.テつ I think we understand each other very well.テつ I understand her as a person.
As she said, she's emotional.テつ We all know it.テつ She said that we wouldn't be playing together if she wouldn't listen, and, you know, we are playing together.
ALLA KUDRYAVTSEVA:テつ She deals with my emotions.テつ It's been working good so far.

Q.テつ What language do you communicate together?
ALLA KUDRYAVTSEVA:テつ Sometimes we speak English.
ANASTASIA RODIONOVA:テつ Mainly Russian, yeah.テつ I grew up and was born in Russia.

Q.テつ The calls and everything are in Russian?
ANASTASIA RODIONOVA:テつ I think so.テつ I don't know.
ALLA KUDRYAVTSEVA:テつ "Come on" is in English.
ANASTASIA RODIONOVA:テつ Mainly Russian.テつ Sometimes we do speak I think because our cultures are like English‑speaking, so sometimes we do speak English on the court but mainly is Russian.

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