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February 22, 2014

Jordan Spieth


Q.テつ You didn't quite seem to have the same mojo that you had the first few days.テつ What was the difference in the match for you against Ernie?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ Yeah, I didn't have my swing, but I was a little mental midget out there.テつ Actually kind of embarrassing looking back.テつ I was dropping clubs and kind of just whining to Michael, and you just can't do that.テつ In match play you've got to keep your cool.
Anytime you show that, it's weakness, and Ernie can take advantage of it.テつ He's a consistent player, putted very well today and made a lot of putts.テつ I knew he would have a good round, because he's coming off, kind of squeaking by a couple of struggles.
Ultimately I just wasn't there mentally, I don't know what it was.テつ But I'll regroup and be ready for Miami.

Q.テつ You just walked off the golf course, but if you could take yourself out of the emotions just a moment, what do you take from your first WGC match play?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ I take a lot of positives out of it.テつ 3 and 1, you know, quarter final, first time here.
I'm striking the ball really well.テつ I just wasn't quite there today and my putting strokes weren't quite there.テつ But I love the way I'm playing.
The last three weeks were great weeks.テつ A few top‑10s in a row.テつ So this year is still just starting.テつ I'm very excited for months to come.

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