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February 22, 2014

Louis Oosthuizen


Q.テつ Not the result you were hoping for.テつ How big a factor was that injury?
LOUIS OOSTHUZIEN:テつ Yeah, I was a bit disappointed to start this morning on the range, not feeling too good.テつ It got better the last four or five holes, I felt a lot better.テつ So it's a bit painful that it always happens when I'm playing well.テつ I need to address it big time now and get it sorted.
But I felt I played really well.テつ But you can't give away holes to a guy like Jason, you're not going to get them back.テつ I had a tough start and it was really tough to get back.テつ He played really well.

Q.テつ Your physio said you were playing in pain, how much pain?
LOUIS OOSTHUZIEN:テつ The walking was quite affecting it today.テつ The thing that‑‑ if I can commit myself to hit the shot it's not that bad, but I can't commit.テつ My body is restricting me to go through the shot.テつ So I just hit a few iron shots that I really stuck down and committed and hit great shots, the third shot on 11 and things like that.
But it's just‑‑ it's irritating to play something like that in the back of your head.テつ But I'm not making any excuses.テつ Jason played really well.テつ And I just think it would have been a really good match if I started off a little better.

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