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February 21, 2014

Jason Day


Q.テつ 3 and 1 victory over George Coetzee today, what gave you the upperhand in that match?
JASON DAY:テつ Today actually I just felt a lot more energized.テつ I went to the gym after yesterday's 22‑hole match.テつ For some reason, I went to the gym and did a little workout and with that recovery session it gave me more energy today.テつ I felt like I could go at the ball a little harder today and hit it a little farther.
I got off to the a good start against George.テつ He kept on hanging around.テつ I just said to myself I just got to keep pushing forward and not let up.テつ If I do, the momentum is going to go against me.テつ He's going to start playing well and who knows what's going to happen then.テつ Glad I got it in.テつ I played really nicely today and so did he.

Q.テつ Good record at this event.テつ Is it the format you like or the course or a bit of both?
JASON DAY:テつ I think it's a bit of both.テつ I feel like the course sets up well for me.テつ I can definitely take on some of the bunkers, where some of the gays can't really take the bunkers on.テつ I know I'm coming in with shorter clubs, it definitely puts a little heat on them to hit it closer, I think.
I really like the match play format.テつ I've always liked it as a kid.テつ I really like grinding it out and fighting to win.

Q.テつ Remember a couple of years ago, you said that occasionally you use a few tactics.テつ You like walk ahead of the players, you like to make them putt a twiddler.テつ Are you still doing that now?
JASON DAY:テつ Definitely, yeah.テつ I always like to show that, you know, especially off the tee, I'm always walking in front.テつ It's very rare that I see the other guy in front of me.テつ Just to tell him that I'm there, I'm sticking around.
There's a couple of short ones that I made George putt in today, but there was a little bit of respect there, too.

Q.テつ It's never easy at this point.テつ This one may be a little easier, and obviously with a good back nine you were able to separate yourself a little bit.
JASON DAY:テつ They are not all easy.テつ George beat Strick in the first round, which is pretty hard to believe.テつ Obviously George is a great player.テつ But to see Strick go out early, with his wedge game and how his short game is, it's surprising.
Obviously George has played wonderful golf over the last three days.テつ He played good today excluding the putt on the last, on the 17th hole, that was 5‑under.テつ After that putt went in, I was 6‑under.テつ So I played really nicely.テつ I got off to a good start today.テつ And I just really want to keep pushing forward.テつ If I just gave him that little bit of leeway, I think he would have came back and there would have been another upset.テつ But definitely happy that I got him.

Q.テつ As you said, they are not easy.テつ How much confidence can you gain each and every day as you move forward with less people here?
JASON DAY:テつ Well, you know, it's great to be here another day.テつ I've got through three guys now.テつ I've good a tough match tomorrow with Louis.テつ Tonight I'm just going to rest up and try and get as much rest as possible.テつ I'll probably go for a workout, try and get some energy back and get into it tomorrow.
The confidence feels good about the game.テつ I feel really good about my game right now.テつ I've been playing pretty solid golf the last three days.テつ I just hope it keeps going that way.テつ We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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