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February 21, 2014

Rickie Fowler


RICKIE FOWLER:テつ It's a makeable putt, but he's obviously in a better situation.テつ He had about eight or ten feet down the hill.テつ Half the length of the putt, percentages, obviously he's going to make more than I am.
I was ready to go and make the putt and put the pressure on him, but as I'm lining up to putt he said, Do you want to half?テつ What?テつ What is he saying?テつ He goes, Do you want to half?テつ Excuse me?テつ Do you want to half the hole?
I was thinking‑‑ I'm thinking in my head I kind of just want to play it out, but I would be stupid not to take a half.テつ I'm twice the distance he is, and we're both putting for par.テつ So I was like sure, why not.
I really didn't feel like it changed the flow of the match because he goes and makes birdie on 8 and goes 3‑up.テつ You know, he felt like he had a little bit of load on his chest after taking a little time with the drop on 6.テつ I really didn't have a problem with it.テつ I wanted him to feel comfortable about the shot he's about to it.テつ There were quite a few bees in the sprinkler head and his ball was probably a pace from it.テつ It wasn't exactly, you know, a safe situation.

Q.テつ Did you understand his motivation at the time?
RICKIE FOWLER:テつ He told me on the way to the next hole.テつ He just said, I felt like I took too much time.テつ I was like, Sure, whatever.
No, I've gotten to know Sergio quite a bit over the last year.テつ We've played numerous rounds together.テつ We've been paired a lot Thursdays and Fridays and into some weekends.テつ We've had a lot of fun playing together.テつ We did out there today, as well.
Like I said earlier, just with feeling guilty about something and being able to get it off your chest, it definitely makes you feel better.テつ I know that's why he did it.テつ I was just glad I was able to get the putter going and give him a match coming in.

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