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February 21, 2014

Louis Oosthuizen


Q.テつ What clicked that everything started going your way in a hurry?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ Yeah, we both really started‑‑ well, I think Webb was 3‑under through five holes.テつ I was 2‑under.
Then you hit a few errant tee shots on 10 and 11, but from there I made quite a few birdies coming in.テつ And I just made‑‑ he put himself in a few tough spots off the tee, you know, to make bogeys and pars.テつ And I just for some reason made a few putts and made a lot of birdies.

Q.テつ How good is the golf you've been playing?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ It's been really solid.テつ I felt i hit the ball pretty well last week.テつ I just really had a messy, messy time on the greens.テつ But I've been striking it well the whole year, and I'm playing some of the best now.テつ I feel I'm hitting the ball really good and just need to make the putts.

Q.テつ Hopefully a lot of golf left for you.テつ How important is to be able to get a shorter match as this championship goes on?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ It's a nice rest for me this afternoon.テつ I'll do a bit of work on the back.テつ But I've got to start focusing on tomorrow's match.

Q.テつ Olympics going on right now in Russia.テつ Golf back in 2016.テつ How much do you think about it and what would it mean for you to play for your country in Rio?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ To represent a country in any sport I think an achievement you want to do.テつ I think everyone is looking forward to what it's going to be like and to have a chance to win a gold medal.

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