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February 20, 2014

Kevin Harvick

Kasey Kahne

Josh Wise


KERRY THARP:テつ Let's roll into our post race for tonight's first Budweiser Duel at Daytona, the first qualifying race for Sunday's 56th running of the Daytona 500.テつ Our race runner‑up is Kevin Harvick.
Kevin, you said you were doing almost really good, but you have to feel good about this racecar as I know you're trying to get that second Daytona 500 win under your belt.
KEVIN HARVICK:テつ Yeah, just I want to win bad for everybody on the at SHR, on the new team.テつ It was really close tonight.テつ Obviously we've won some races that close, we've lost some races that close.
We've had two good races.テつ Our cars have been fast.テつ We've been able to run up front and lead some laps and do the things we need to do.
On Sunday we just need to do the same thing and keep it rolling for 500 miles.テつ I think when you get more cars in the pack, it's going to be a little more intense than what it was tonight.テつ It was obviously a great finish.テつ But I just had to go whenever the pack bunched up and decided to make a move like that.テつ We made it just a touch too late to be able to get the last side draft by Matt there at the end.テつ So it was a good race.
KERRY THARP:テつ We'll take questions now for Kevin.

Q.テつ Kevin, was conservative driving more a function of less cars or also a function of you guys didn't want to bust anything up in this race because Sunday is the most important one?
KEVIN HARVICK:テつ I think we've all done a pretty good job at tearing a few things up along the way so far.テつ I think everybody was a little bit conservative.テつ I think obviously there was only 18 cars in the Unlimited and we tore the whole field up.
I think everybody wanted to do what they had to do to get the best finish that they could.テつ Obviously those of us running up front tried to win the race.テつ It just didn't time out exactly perfect.
KERRY THARP:テつ Our third‑place finisher has joined us, that's Kasey Kahne, as well as Josh Wise, who races his way into the Daytona 500 for the second year in a row.
Let's hear first from Kasey.
KASEY KAHNE:テつ I had a really good Farmers Insurance Chevy.テつ Was happy with it throughout the race.テつ Was right behind Kevin, trying to get a run.テつ We got one right there at the end.テつ Came close to getting by Matt.
It was a great finish.テつ I was able to move around all over the racetrack depending on when people wanted to race.テつ If people wanted to race, I thought our car was really strong.テつ That's really about it.
KERRY THARP:テつ Josh, just tell us the excitement of racing into the 500.テつ Got to be a big deal for you.
JOSH WISE:テつ Yeah, it's a big burden lifted off, for sure.テつ Sleep has been light this week.テつ But my car was pretty good.テつ I could kind of hold onto wherever I was. テつI couldn't really make any moves by myself.テつ We were able to get in that top lane and maintain.
Had a really good green flag stop, got on and off pit road well, was able to stay in that lead group.テつ I think we were running 10th or 11th there coming down the backstretch.テつ I saw the 88 drop down and try to start a bottom line there in three and four, so I tried to close the hole.テつ Kind of sucked us up to 6th, so that's it.
KERRY THARP:テつ We'll continue with questions for all three.

Q.テつ Based on what we've seen so far with this, think we'll have a good package to race in the 500?
KEVIN HARVICK:テつ We just had a three‑wide finish for the win.テつ I guess if you guys don't like that, we'll have to try something different (smiling).
Yeah, I mean, I think when everybody gets antsy and wants to go, you can group up and go.
KASEY KAHNE:テつ Absolutely.テつ If the guys want to race, then the cars suck up quicker.テつ A bit more of a handful than what they were last year.テつ I felt like, too, in the pack.
It will be exciting and a lot going on when people do want to race.
But 500 miles, you're probably not going to run three‑wide all 500, I wouldn't expect.

Q.テつ Josh, can you talk about driving the No.98.テつ How much pressure are you putting on yourself knowing what the team did last year?
JOSH WISE:テつ There's definitely pressure that comes with that.テつ They made the race last year.テつ They ran well last year.テつ It's the same car they ran last year.テつ You get that trickle down from the crew about the past performance of the car.
Doesn't matter.テつ You put a lot of pressure on yourself, regardless of all those things.テつ Tonight was just for us about execution and not making any mistakes.テつ Everything just went smoothly, so it was great.
KERRY THARP:テつ Congratulations for putting on a heck of a show.テつ We look forward to Sunday.

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