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February 20, 2014

Hunter Mahan


Q.テつ Hunter, continued success in this championship and apparently against Richard Sterne.テつ How pleased are you to move on to the next round?
HUNTER MAHAN:テつ I'm very pleased.テつ It was a tough match.テつ We had to grind it out on every hole.テつ Richard played pretty solid.
In the end, it came down to a couple little breaks.テつ Luckily, I made two really good swings on 18 to close it out.

Q.テつ Even though it's a new year, when you know you've had success against a particular person in this championship on this course, how does that help your confidence?
HUNTER MAHAN:テつ I mean, you feel good about the course, but I'm sure he's extremely motivated to beat me.テつ I had him two times coming into today.テつ So I'm sure he kind of circled this and was amped for it.テつ And he played great.
It was a tough match and went all the way down to 19.

Q.テつ Another tough one on Friday, Graeme McDowell.テつ Obviously you guys played a pretty epic match a few years ago.テつ How excited are you to get a chance to get back at him?
HUNTER MAHAN:テつ I mean, Graeme is a great player.テつ Obviously very tough.テつ It's going to be a battle.テつ It's going to be challenge.テつ I look forward to it.テつ I'm excited about the opportunity.テつ And I love playing in this event, so it will be fun.

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