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February 20, 2014

Jason Day


Q.テつ Where did you muster the courage to get this one?
JASON DAY:テつ Just really trying to play games with myself.テつ It was a tough one, tougher than yesterday.テつ Being 3‑down, you can definitely lose some energy.
Once he 3‑putted 10, it gave me that bit of spark of energy.テつ The wind was in out of the left on 11 so that I could get there.テつ If I could birdie the 2 par‑5s on the back nine, make a birdie somewhere else, and really just claw my way back in, find a way to win.テつ That's all I was thinking about.テつ Doesn't matter how you get it done, find a way to win.

Q.テつ When you did find a way, what confidence can you take away from this moving forward?
JASON DAY:テつ Well, just I didn't quite hit it as good as I did yesterday.テつ But my short game held up under pressure, which was nice.テつ Hit a lot of good quality putts out there, holed a lot of good putts to get myself and save myself, to keep myself going in the match.テつ And a lot of quality chip shots, as well.
Definitely encouraging tomorrow.テつ Whoever I play, I'm definitely looking forward to the challenge.

Q.テつ Winter Olympics going on right now.テつ Golf back in 2016.テつ How much do you think about it and what would it mean to play for your country in a couple of years?
JASON DAY:テつ It means everything really.テつ To be able to put a gold medal or any kind of medal around your neck representing your country, it's the ultimate honor, really.
Definitely looking forward to, you know, seeing what the criteria to get into the Olympics is, and if I get picked I'm very honored to play on the team and can't wait.

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