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February 20, 2014

Victor Dubuisson


VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ I did play well today.テつ I knew I had to elevate my game against Peter because he played very well yesterday.テつ I started the first few holes and I made some good birdies.
He didn't play that well, but I was 3‑up after the three holes.テつ Then he made three birdies on 5, 6, 7, and so we were all square.
Then I decided just to don't watch him play, just play my stroke play, and try to make some birdie on the par‑5.テつ But don't‑‑ I tried to don't push my game, like to not try to make birdie on every hole, just to play safe.テつ I had to go for the pin when I had (indiscernible).
He made some mistakes, I made some mistakes on the back nine, but in the end I managed to stay up.

Q.テつ How much match play experience do you have and how did you prepare for a championship like this?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ I don't really prepare because we have only one tournament in match play every year, so it's the first time I played.
I played two match play tournaments when I was an amateur (indiscernible), but it was different because the level of the game was not the same.テつ Here you need to make the scores, you need to make some birdies in a matter of time.テつ (Inaudible) and win a match here.テつ It's very different.

Q.テつ Winter Olympics going on right now.テつ Golf will be back in in two years in Rio.テつ How much do you think about it and what would it mean to play for your country in 2016?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ It would mean a lot, I guess.テつ You know, golf has never been an Olympic sport, so I don't really now how it's going to be.テつ I guess it's going to be maybe like the Walker.テつ I think it's the same format as we played (inaudible).

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