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February 20, 2014

Sergio Garcia


LAURA HILL:テつ We'd like to welcome Sergio Garcia to the interview room.テつ Another match that goes to 17 or 18, which seems to be your habit.テつ Talk about your day out there today with Bill Haas.
SERGIO GARCIA:テつ Yesterday was 22 holes, so I cut it down a little bit today.テつ No, it was really a nice match with Bill.テつ Obviously we get along very well, and we both play hard.テつ For a minute, I thought he had me with the way he started and the couple little mistakes I made on 6 and 7, but then I was able to come back a little bit.
Obviously got a little bit fortunate on 11, when we both hit it a little bit left in the desert, and his ball was in a bush and I had a shot, and I was able to win that hole to go to even.
And then I hit some good shots coming in, which helped me put some pressure on him, and see what he could do.テつ I was able to win on 17.
LAURA HILL:テつ Does that feel like a short match compared to yesterday?
SERGIO GARCIA:テつ Yeah, it felt like a really, really short match.
It was great.テつ It was good fun.テつ Like I said before, we both played hard.テつ We both tried to play as good as we could to beat our opponent and I was fortunate to be just a little bit better than him today.
LAURA HILL:テつ You've been to the third round several times, but it's been since 2010 that you advanced that far.テつ Does it feel any different this year than it has the last couple of years?
SERGIO GARCIA:テつ No, I guess match play is just funny.テつ Some days you shoot 5‑ or 6‑under, which you probably beat most of the guys.テつ And then you go against someone that shoots 7 or 8 and you get beat on 17 or something like that.
On other days you shoot 2‑over and you get through.テつ So it's just a combination of obviously playing well and getting fortunate with whatever your opponent does.テつ So I guess for me I was fortunate to play quite well the first two days, shoot some good scores and my opponents were just slightly worse than me.
LAURA HILL:テつ Thanks for coming down.

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