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February 20, 2014

Lexi Thompson


MODERATOR:  We'd like to welcome in Lexi Thompson:  4 under, 68.  Very solid round to start the week here.  Talk about the round.  Eagle on the first hole.  Can't be mad with that.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, the round started off pretty well for me today.  Started off with an eagle, about a four‑footer for eagle, so just tried to keep that momentum going throughout the whole round.
I had a steady back nine.  Two‑putted a lot.  But the course is in amazing shape for us.  Just keep giving yourself opportunities.
MODERATOR:  Talk about the greens.  Everyone says they're in great shape but pretty tricky.  Talk about your putting since you've been really improving in your short game.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah.  The greens are really tricky out here, the fastest I've played on in the three years I've been here.  I had so many putts today I had to play three, four feet out of breaks.  Just have to trust your lines and put a good stroke on it.

Q.  Everyone says it's a second shot course.  You have to be somewhat creative going into the greens.  What do you like most about it?
LEXI THOMPSON:  I would say it definitely is a second‑shot golf course.  There are a lot of feed offs from the greens, so you really have to place it well on the greens.
I like it because I get it hit driver a lot.  I pretty much hit driver on every hole.  I think that's advantage an for me.
Yeah, the course is always in great shape like I said, and that's what I look forward to most when I come back here.

Q.  On TV, lots of smiling.  You're usually in the zone with the intimidation face on.  Is that more comfort?  Having a good time?  What do you feel like in your third year on Tour?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, I feel like I am more comfortable with myself out here.  Just working on my attitude a lot and just going out and just trying to free swing it.  Just you know, I'm playing the game I love for a living and it can't get any better than this.
I had a great group with Lydia and Ariya, both great players.

Q.  New caddie on the bag.  Talk about your relationship, how you got off to a pretty solid start so far.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, his name a (indiscernible) Thompson.  This is probably his fourth week.  We make a really great team.  He has a very cool personality and is really laid back.  We always have something to talk about on the golf course to get my mind off the game and keep me relaxed out there.
He also plays golf, so he understands where I'm coming from.

Q.  Talk about your relationship with Lydia.  I know you guys have become pretty close friends.  Talk about having young friends.  I know you're mature for your age and you have always had to hang out with older people.  Now you have people your own age around you, that has to be comforting and nice.
LEXI THOMPSON:  I've known Lydia for three, four years now.  She's so sweet and nice.  You can never tell how bad or good she's playing the golf course.  She's so steady out there, which is very cool to see.
It's very to have a few younger players out here that I played junior and amateur golf with like.  It's nice.  I have really close friends out here now.
MODERATOR:  Questions for Lexi.

Q.  How did you find the weather today?  Was it cool?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, the weather was really nice today.  It was probably the coolest I've ever played in Thailand, that's for sure.  A little overcast.  Not much wind.  Couldn't get any better.
MODERATOR:  International Crown question.  You're probably close to a lock new on the team.  Stacy yesterday said how much she's looking forward to having you on the team.  Last two spots may switch in and out.  It's very close.  How much are you looking forward to that event, and how closely are you looking at the rankings?
LEXI THOMPSON:  I haven't really looked at the rankings too much.  I don't want to get myself too wrapped up in it.  International Crown, any time I can represent my country is the highest honor.  If there is a team event where I can represent my country, that's my No. 1 goal.
I am definitely looking forward to it.  Nothing like playing for your country.

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