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February 19, 2014

Henrik Stenson


Q.テつ After five years of trying here on this course, you finally won a match?
HENRIK STENSON:テつ I'm still in shock.テつ It was a tough match.テつ I mean, Kiradech is a good player.テつ We both played well in the beginning.テつ I think we made three birdies each this first six holes.テつ Then he gave me an easy one on 8.テつ I gave it back on 9 and 10.テつ I won 11.テつ He won 12.テつ So it was a bit back and forth there.
I had a good chance to win 13, didn't take that one.
I made a good up‑and‑down on 14 and he made a bit of a clumsy 3‑putt.
Then I don't know if I was lucky or he was lucky or both lucky or unlucky on the 15th, but we walked away with par, both of us, and it was important.
The par I made off the fringe on 16, a slick left to right putt I managed to hole, and then to go 1‑up.
Then on 17, I had a great fairway bunker shot and made the putt.テつ He was in closer and then he missed.

Q.テつ There's always a turning point in these matches.テつ It seems to us it came at 14.テつ You were in two bunkers and won the hole and it looked unlikely you were going to do it.テつ Tell us about that hole.
HENRIK STENSON:テつ It's the tough thing here.テつ I mean, I struggle a bit on this course, to be honest.テつ It doesn't really fit my eye.テつ A lot of times if you fly a bunker, you're bouncing through the fairway and you have to thread it in.テつ I ended up in a fairway bunker, touch lie, hit a great shot from there.テつ I don't think too many people would have got it on the green.テつ I spun back into that bunker and played a lovely bunker shot and managed to make 4 and win the hole.テつ So that's match play, I guess.

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