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February 19, 2014

Jimmy Walker


Q.  You have a tremendous five of four victory over Branden Grace.  Tell us a bit about that match from your point of view.
JIMMY WALKER:  I played pretty solid all day, hit a lot of really good shots, made some birdie putts.  Branden had a couple of three‑putts early in the round and that got me up to a pretty good little lead.  Just kind of stayed nice and steady and then closed it off with two birdies there at the end which was nice.

Q.  You've had this incredible run, three wins.  It seems to have been the most incredible time for you.  Obviously you have been working with Butch Harmon.  Is that the key factor or are there other things that combined to make this sudden run of form come around?
JIMMY WALKER:  I think it's a lot of things.  Butch has no doubt helped tremendously.  I've really enjoyed my time with him.  Feeling more comfortable out playing golf on the golf courses that we play.  I felt like it was just a matter of time before I won.  I kept knocking on the door.  I was close, I was close, and finally got through it and got through it a couple more times.  It's been great.

Q.  Twenty‑five in the world now.  With all the success that you've had, what sort of goals and targets have you set yourself for the rest of this season?
JIMMY WALKER:  The goal now is to keep getting into contention for Sunday and have a chance to win.  It's all about coming out and trying to win golf tournaments.  Long‑term is Ryder Cup, stuff like that.
Who knows?  Try to win the whole thing, I don't know.  You just take it one week at a time and see what happens.

Q.  A first time participant in the Match Play Championship, a first round winner, Jimmy, how pleased are you with how you played here on Wednesday?
JIMMY WALKER:  I'm real happy.  Any time you get a win in match play, it's good.  It's been a long time.  I think it was US Publinks as a kid.  So it's a long time for me.  Brought back some cool memories.  It's a different style of golf for sure, but it was a great day.

Q.  Different style of golf, but how much of this is a continuation of your hot start?
JIMMY WALKER:  You've got to go out and continue to hit good shots and make good putts.  That's what you do.  Sometimes your play is dictated on what the other guy is doing.  I definitely felt that a little bit today.  It was definitely different.  Sometimes you didn't need to make the birdie.  But on Tour sometimes you're thinking about, oh, I need to birdie this par‑5.  Today sometimes you didn't.  So that was the difference today.

Q.  You were off early, you finished early, in a week that you hope you're playing a lot of golf.  How important is it to get this one over with?
JIMMY WALKER:  I think it's good.  You want to get the first one out of the way and move on to the next round.  You just want to keep doing that.  It's nice to get a win early and have a nice relaxing afternoon.  I feel like I've been playing a lot of golf and it will be nice to kind of relax a little bit this afternoon.

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