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February 18, 2014

Sabine Lisicki


2‑6, 6‑3, 6‑3

Q.  Obviously very, very disappointed after winning the first set.
SABINE LISICKI:  Definitely, but I still see it as positive, because I didn't have a racquet in my hand for more than two weeks or two weeks.  I practiced four days, and, you know, my shoulder, I did a lot of rehab to be able to come here.
So I'm very happy that I was able to play and to actually play that well.  It wasn't enough to play the two whole sets that way yet, but in general, I'm pretty satisfied the way, you know, I started and went into the match, so that's definitely something that I can build on.

Q.  You still have a lot of Kinesio.
SABINE LISICKI:  Yeah, to support it.

Q.  Does it hurt you?
SABINE LISICKI:  No, that's the good part.  That's why I'm saying I'm very positive, because that's the main part is if it doesn't hurt, doesn't bother me, then, you know, I can keep going and do what I love most, and that's playing tennis.

Q.  Would you need to do more rehab after here or more practicing?
SABINE LISICKI:  Well, I need to make sure that everything stays loose, and I have always done a lot of exercise for the shoulder, so I have always been good, but there was just one unlucky shot that gave me that pain, and that's why I got injured.
So, you know, I just have to take care of it and make sure that it stays good.

Q.  Looking at the specifics of the match, what were you most pleased with in the first set, and what do you think Caroline came back with in the second or third?
SABINE LISICKI:  I think I stopped being as aggressive and playing as well as I did in the first set.  I started to miss more shots, more easy shots as well, not going through the ball.
Those are little tactical things, as well.¬† So I think ‑‑but as I said, it's something that I can build on, so it's mainly positive, yeah.

Q.  How is it going with Martina?
SABINE LISICKI:  Very good.  Unfortunately we didn't have too much time to practice with each other yet, but no, it's good.  It's fun.  We enjoy it.  I think we both enjoy it.
You know, we're looking forward to being able to now continue to practice.

Q.  How did it come about?  What was the connection?
SABINE LISICKI:¬† Oh, I have known her for years.¬† I have practiced ‑‑I used to practice with her mother when I was a little girl, and I actually practiced with her when she was still a player and I was a little girl and I was looking up to her.¬† So, you know, it was very exciting.
So she knows me as well since I'm a little girl.  So I think it's a good connection, because she also understands how it is to be in a situation where some other people might not.

Q.¬† How long term are you likely ‑‑are you taking it tournament by tournament?
SABINE LISICKI:  Yeah, it's still early stages, so yes.

Q.  There is a lot made of the former legends who have come back.
SABINE LISICKI:  Yeah, it's cool.

Q.  Would you like to see more former women's players like Martina or Amélie?
SABINE LISICKI:  I don't know.  I did this step.  I'm happy about it (smiling).

Q.  Would you like to see more former women's players coming in and teaching the current crop, you know, mentoring them, as it are were, as is happening in the men's game?
SABINE LISICKI:  We actually have quite a few, Amélie Mauresmo is with the Fed Cup for France, and Myskina is here, as well, I think with Makarova, I believe.  So there are a few, you know.
As I said, I know Martina for a long time, so it came along and it's good.  It's good fun, as well.

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