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February 16, 2014

LeBron James


East – 163
West – 155

THE MODERATOR:  We'll take questions for LeBron.

Q.  Not a bad comeback from 18 points down.  Talk about what you guys did to get back in the game.
LEBRON JAMES:  We got stops and we made shots.  And we didn't turn the ball over.  Very key.  We wanted this win.  They beat us the last three years and they had a lot of bragging rights, so to be able to come through being down 18 was huge.

Q.  Talk about Kyrie winning the MVP.
LEBRON JAMES:  Kyrie is special.  It's just that simple.  He's a very special basketball player, very smart basketball player.  His ability to shoot the ball, get into the lane, make shots around the rim, he has a total package.
And I've always known that.  I've always witnessed that, and ever since he was in high school.  And I'm extremely happy for him, extremely proud for him to receive this award.  It's big time.

Q.  It seemed to us that we, as expected, had these few little moments of one‑on‑one action between you and Kevin Durant.  Can you elaborate a little bit and tell us if it's fun for you.
LEBRON JAMES:  I think it's funner for you guys more than it is for me.  I'm not a ‑‑ I focus on the team game.  I play team basketball.  I've always played that way.
Obviously myself and Kevin are trying to do great things individually, and when we get that matchup, it is fun.  But I don't just zero in on a one‑on‑one matchup no matter if it's even just the All‑Star Game.

Q.  Did you say anything before the game about winning the game?  The first play of the game you stepped in the passing lane and dunked.  Was that a tone setter?
LEBRON JAMES:  Yeah, we wanted it.  I've been a part of the last three and in defeat.  And we been getting killed a lot this season, talking about the Eastern Conference is pretty bad, it's a two‑man race and we're not holding up our end of the bargain, so it was special to get this win.

Q.  Not a lot has gone well for Cleveland since you left.  What will it mean for that city to sort of have a good vibe with Kyrie winning MVP?
LEBRON JAMES:  I don't think they needed Kyrie Irving to win this to have a good vibe.  I think they know they have someone special.  He's very special.  And I just think that it probably adds a cherry on top for him to receive this award.  Not only for the Cavs, but for Duke, St. Patrick's, and everywhere he's ever played.
Being as young as he is, his second All‑Star appearance and to be able to come out with the MVP just validates and solidifies why he's in this game and why he's one of the best point guards that we have in our league today.

Q.  You were the last Cavalier, I think the only one, that has ever won that award.  What is it like to win it at such a young age like Kyrie won it?  And also what did you tell him I think in regards to holding the trophy up?
LEBRON JAMES:  Well, first of all, to be able to win at a young age, it gives you another boost of confidence.  Obviously you know you're in the game for a reason, he was voted in by the fans for a reason, but it just gives you another boost of confidence knowing that you can play this game at the highest level.
I just wanted him to have his moment, and the moment is holding that trophy above your head.  It's the few moments in our year where you do that.  Winning a championship, it's winning the MVP, the other championship is winning the MVP of the All‑Star Game.  And those are those moments.  And he was‑‑ seemed like he didn't know exactly what to do, and I just wanted to try to give him a little tip.

Q.  A lot gets made of the Bulls‑Heat rivalry, yet you and Noah played really well together.  What is it about his game that complements your game so well?
LEBRON JAMES:  Any big that can set pick and rolls, catch and finish, I can work well with.  And I don't need no time to get chemistry.  And he's a high‑energy guy, a high‑IQ guy, and I found something in that fourth quarter knowing that I could use his screen and rolls and he would dive to the rim and I could either get him an open look.
Or the next possession down after he had just got the layup and I was able to find Paul George and he got fouled on a 3‑point play because of him receiving that pass the time before.
So I don't need much time with guys like that, high‑energy guys and high‑IQ basketball players.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, LeBron.

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