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February 15, 2014

Angelique Kerber


6‑1, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Well done, Angelique.  That match completely changed character in the second set, didn't it?  Was that a bit difficult or disconcerting when she came back at you that way?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  You know, I knew before the match that Jelena is playing until the last one, and she's fighting and she gives everything.
She was playing great at the end, too.  I think it was very high level at the end of the second set, and, you know, I was just try to play aggressive in the important moments and stay in the moment and just fighting from point to point.
Yeah, actually, I was happy that I won this in two sets then at the end.

Q.  Were you playing better than you played in Brisbane?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  In Brisbane it was also a tough match.  I was speaking with my coach yesterday.  We knew before that today it will be also a tough challenge against Jelena, because she's a great player and she's in the top 10 and she played very well also this year.
I was trying to play aggressive.  I think I was this time in the important moments there and not like in Brisbane.

Q.  You were playing aggressively in the important moments?

Q.  Can you comment on that last point at the net cord?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  I think I was just lucky and happy that the ball goes over the net on the other side (smiling).

Q.  Did you speak to her about that?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  No, I was just saying sorry after the point.

Q.  You put on such a strong performance tonight.  How do you feel about your game going into the finals tomorrow?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  You know, I enjoy the feeling right now to be in the final.  It's my first time here in the final, and I will play my best tennis tomorrow and will try to give everything, try to play on the high level.
For sure I will enjoy the feeling tomorrow and hope to give everything and hope that will be a great final.

Q.  I know you were training in Qatar in the offseason.  Why did you decide to spend your offseason here in Qatar?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  I was talking with my coach, and we decide to come here because here you have everything and the people are nice.  You know, the weather here is much better than in Germany, because in Germany it was snowing and cold.  We decide to come here.

Q.  Going back to the match, in the sixth and seventh game, 3‑All and 4‑3, it seemed like very crucial games and you saved breakpoints and went back and there were so many deuces.  Can you just talk about what's going through your mind to manage to come out of these two games and just keep fighting?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  You know, I think the games was very important, you know.  I think mentally the match was also very strong.  I was just trying to be focused and try to play point by point because I know that I need to be ready and there for every single moment, because, if not, she is there and she will play and hit winners.
So, you know, I was just trying to be there and focusing.  It's of course not easy, but I'm happy that I managed that.

Q.  You're into a final here, but already the draw is out for Dubai.  Did you look at the draw?  Do you know who you're playing?  Can you just talk about that?  You have a very tough first round.  Also, is it difficult to stay focused in this tournament when you already know who you're going to play in the first round next week?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  I know against who I play.  I play against Ana.  But right now, you know, I'm not thinking about that.  I'm still in this tournament.  I play this tournament until the end.  Then I will try to focusing on the next tournament in Dubai.
You know, for us it's actually normal like this, so it's normal.  It's nothing special that I know who I play against next week.

Q.  Raul, the football player, was watching your match.  I'm wondering if you ever met him.
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  Oh, really?  No, I didn't know, actually.  Now I know.  So now he knows me.

Q.  Could you talk a little bit about the way you will play tomorrow, if it's either against Radwanska or Halep?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  I think it doesn't matter against who I play tomorrow.  I will try to focusing on my game.  I will try to play aggressive, move very good, and I will just trying to play consistent like I played this week and try to take the emotion from the last matches in the final and just play my tennis, my aggressive game.

Q.  You have already played so many matches this season and we're barely in the middle of February.  Just how fresh are you feeling?  Do you think this is going to catch up with you at some point soon, or you're feeling good?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  No, that's why I have a physio with me.  I think the physio will have a lot of work tonight.
But I'm feeling good and I had a great preseason, so I think everything is healthy.  Everything is good.  So I will just have some long treatments tonight, and then I hope I will be ready for tomorrow, I'm sure.

Q.  Is that what makes it a little difficult when you plan a schedule, because you don't know you're going to go so deep every week?  And I guess, in a way, that's a new thing for you?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  Yeah, of course you never know how long you are in the tournament, and it's tough to make a schedule.  But at the end, if you are consistent and if you really believe in yourself, you choose the right tournaments.
I think I'm right now two years in the top 10, and I think I have a good schedule this year.  And of course there are a lot of matches that I already played, but I'm feeling good.  I'm looking forward.  I enjoy my tennis right now.  It feels good.

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