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February 14, 2014

Jim Furyk


Q.  Satisfying day of grinding and staying at it?
JIM FURYK:¬† Yeah, I think any time you shoot 3‑under here, you're happy about it.¬† I played real solid, kept the ball in front of me all day.¬† Made a couple bogeys, made some mistakes here and there where I could have got the ball up‑and‑down but made some nice putts today and a couple saves, some good solid birdie putts.
So I feel comfortable with the way I'm striking the ball and I was real pleased basically with the putter and the way I rolled it the first two days.  Not every putt's going to go in but I feel like I've given a lot of chance and opportunity to go in.

Q.¬† Playing with a guy out there who is a million miles out there‑‑ psychologically, do you play any differently?
JIM FURYK:  I think I passed that stage 18 years ago.  Yeah, that one's long gone.  I went to college as a kind of long, a very long player and somewhat wild, and kind of came out of college a lot straighter but much shorter.
So that's the way I ended up playing my best golf, and I feel like throughout the early part of my career, probably the first ten years, I probably tried to gain some distance; whether that was working out, whether it was equipment, whether it was changing golf balls, changing drivers, and what I realized is I never really hit it all that much farther.
So my game is more about accuracy and trying to keep it in play.  You know, there's other things that I'm very good at and I have to capitalize on those and worry more about my strengths than I do my weaknesses.

Q.¬† So when you're on 11 and you have the big tree in front of you, is that more satisfying to you‑‑
JIM FURYK:¬† Well, everyone likes to hit it long but it's not just not part of my game. ¬†You have to accept what you're good at.¬† I am he control the golf ball hit it both ways, I can hit it right‑to‑left and left‑to‑right; I can control the trajectory really well.¬† But really the strengths of my game is short irons and getting it in from 10 yards and in and trying to play well from there and do some damage.
I enjoy playing with Dustin and he's got a lot of talent.  It's fun watching guys hit it 30 and 40 yards by but far as affecting my game, I realize that's not my style and I just go out there and play the way I know best and again, try to take advantage of the things that I'm very good at.
But he's definitely‑‑ I like the personality, I like talking to him while I'm out there but also he has an exciting game, it's fun to watch.

Q.¬† Probably the biggest gallery out there‑‑
JIM FURYK:  Dustin and Justin, the two of them have been two of the most consistent players in the last five years on the PGA TOUR, so I'd put them both in the top 5 in those ranks, and it was a great pairing for me.  I think we all played pretty well.  Justin had a couple bad stretches there on 12 and 13, but other than that, he played some beautiful golf today.  Should have scored a lot better than he did.
So it was a good pairing.  I think both are guys that I like to talk to, like to be around, very personable and also I think they handle themselves well on the course, so it was a great pairing.

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