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February 14, 2014

Aaron Baddeley


Q.  Solid round of golf, how about that finish coming home, always nice to birdie the last four at Riviera?
AARON BADDELEY:  Yeah, coming in, I was like, if that could get through that would be great and to birdie the last four was extra special.

Q.  All the way back at Humana, you were striping it, is everything really starting to come together?
AARON BADDELEY:  It's definitely coming along.  Had a couple good saves early and just coming down the last few holes, I played nicely, so the game is starting to feel good and so the putter.

Q.¬† This is a golf course you can't fake it around here, can you, your ball‑striking has to be halfway decent to get it around?
AARON BADDELEY:¬† Yeah, it's a strong course, especially when it's dry and firm like it is, if you miss it out of position, it's really hard to get the ball up‑and‑down.¬† Like I said, today was good, because I made a couple good saves but coming in, I had some good looks and made them.

Q.  These aren't conditions we've seen a lot here lately, has that affected the way you've been able to attack the golf course or playing the golf course at all?
AARON BADDELEY:  Yeah, you just have to think a little bit more, because the ball instead of stopping on the greens, you have to think about the ball bouncing forward so some pins you just don't go at.  You just take 20, 30 feet and try and make it.

Q.  Does it feel like it's been three years since you got a win?
AARON BADDELEY:  No, it hasn't actually.  It feels like it hasn't been that long.  But it's good to be back out there where you have a chance to win and especially around here, I love it around here.

Q.  Do you have a good feeling when you come here based on the success you've had in the past?
AARON BADDELEY:  Yeah, I think you go places where you've had success, whether it's a win or just played well, you get good feelings coming back just because you've hit a lot of good shots and you've got a good feel for the course and you know how to play the golf course.  So around here, obviously having a win, but also I've had quite a few Top 10s or high finishes, so you always feel comfortable coming back here.

Q.¬† Is this a course that's similar to the courses you're used to playing; is that why there's such a strong‑‑
AARON BADDELEY:  It's just a good golf course, you have to shape it both ways and you have to think.  It's a little bit like the Sandbelt back home, firmer greens and so it's definitely one of my favorites, always has been.  Obviously even having a win, but before that, it was still one of my favorites.

Q.  What happened on 6 yesterday?
AARON BADDELEY:¬† 4‑putted¬† ‑‑¬† no, I 3‑putted 6.

Q.¬† What did you 4‑putt?
AARON BADDELEY:¬† 5.¬† I missed a little one, went about five feet about I and missed it coming back, one much those things.¬† I wasn't fussed walking off.¬† I wasn't mad.¬† I just walked to the next tee and 3‑putted the next; so, I improved.¬† (Laughter).

Q.  And in great position obviously headed into the weekend, so you have to feel good about that?
AARON BADDELEY:  No, I'm excited, definitely.  Definitely excited to finish like that and just to have a chance to win here is great.

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