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February 14, 2014

Paul George


Q.テつ (No microphone.)
PAUL GEORGE:テつ No, I know Coach is going to allow us to play our game.テつ We still got guys that love to play defense.テつ So when it gets down to when we need some stops, I know we'll pull it out.

Q.テつ How much of this is a celebration of what you guys have done so far this year?
PAUL GEORGE:テつ A lot of it is.テつ And it would have been that much more had we had (indiscernible) as well.テつ But to have Coach here, myself, Roy, a lot of it is how well we have been doing and how well and how much we have progressed through the years.

Q.テつ (No microphone.)
PAUL GEORGE:テつ A lot of it is motivation.テつ And to come that close against the champions, and a couple plays that we wish we could have took back and changed was the deciding factor, the deciding factor on us ultimately being in the finals.
So a lot of it is motivation for this year.テつ A lot of it has fueled us to get better and improve coming into this season.

Q.テつ What would you have done different?
PAUL GEORGE:テつ Well, I wouldn't have gave LeBron a layup in Game 1, to start off.テつ And I would have been prepared to take on LeBron in the paint in Game 3.テつ And I think that was the biggest two games where it pretty much lost it for us.

Q.テつ Can you say that that was, looking at it positively, the first stone for something great for the Indiana Pacers?
PAUL GEORGE:テつ Yeah, it was a positive, because we had a lot of young guys.テつ And a lot of guys still improving and coming into their own.
So it was a positive for us to go toe to toe against a veteran group that's been there, that's been the defending champions, and knows what it takes to be on that level.テつ And for us to go toe to toe with them was good.

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