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February 14, 2014

Kevin Love


Q.  Who are you most looking forward to playing with?
KEVIN LOVE:  I've never been able to play even in ‑‑ actually in 2010 I got to play with Stephen Curry in the World Championships.  That was fun.  He can really shoot it.  Passes the ball extremely well.
But every guy on the team, it's always fun to see what different guys bring to the table, see what sets them apart from the rest and what makes them great.  So probably a number of guys.

Q.  Is there something unique about going up against Joakim Noah during a regular game or something like this?
KEVIN LOVE:  It doesn't matter if it's an All‑Star Game, a playoff game, a regular season game, whatever it is, he is going hard.  That's just Joakim.  And he brings a lot to the table too, but he's one of the guys that is a rare breed as far as energy goes.  His energy is just unmatched and his motor is what sets him apart.

Q.  What was your reaction when you saw that latest video clip of him?
KEVIN LOVE:  I looked at him and said, I want to do that some time.  But I was kind of just pulled it back a little bit.  It kind of got the best of him there, but Joakim Noah is known for being a passionate player and I'm sure he wishes he could take that back, he apologized, but he's just all about the game.  He loves playing, he loves to win.

Q.  What's Boston like as a city?
KEVIN LOVE:  As far as playing there, we love competing against those guys, I think they have a great coach and they have a ton of youngsters that are up and coming.

Q.  A lot of free agents want to go to New York or Miami.  Would you guys or your other players consider Boston.  It seems like it's a trend now to go to the big plays with the great weather.
KEVIN LOVE:  Yeah, Boston is a great city.  I'm sure free agents would love to go there.  Especially with Stevens as a coach.  He's a guy that can win basketball games, he gets guys to play for him.  They have been having a bit of success this year, even in his first year.  And he has a lot of young players.  So I think the coach has a lot to do with it, but Boston is a great city.

Q.  How would you like to perform Sunday night?  Do you have any plans?
KEVIN LOVE:  Obviously perform well.  It is my first start as a NBA All‑Star.  Hopefully, I'll go out there and shoot the ball well, get a couple outlets, a couple assists, a couple rebounds, and more than anything I'm just looking forward to enjoying myself.

Q.  And many Japanese fans watching Sunday night.
KEVIN LOVE:  We love our Japanese fans.  We love you guys.  Keep watching, stay tuned, and hopefully we'll put on a show for you.

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