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February 14, 2014

Mason Plumlee


Q.  What are you looking for in the second half of the season?
MASON PLUMLEE:  I'm excited for the second half of the season.  I feel like our guys are hitting their stride now.  I feel like our team is getting back to what we're capable of.
So I think that we'll be a team that people don't want to play after the break.

Q.  Did you expect to play this big of a role when you first got the chance?  Did you think it would be more of a ‑‑
MASON PLUMLEE:  Before camp I did expect to play a role.  When I got to camp and I didn't even get on the floor and practice, I was like, well, all right, start at the bottom and work your way up.
As a player, you prepare to play.  You envision yourself playing.  You don't think of showing up at the arena and then sitting there in a suit.  So it took a little bit, but there's still some games that I haven't played a minute in.
But it's been hard to come by playing time, but I feel like when I've got my time I've played well.

Q.  What do you think has got you on the court?
MASON PLUMLEE:  Injuries, defense.  I think you look at our team, you have Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Joe Johnson.  You have plenty of guys, you got plenty of scoring.
So I wasn't going to come in and show them I could score; I had to find a different way to get on the floor.
I think that defensively I've shown them that, and then screening and rolling.  I think I'm our youngest guy.  I can get up and play above the rim, so playing pick and roll to the basket is one thing I bring that our bigs aren't able to.

Q.  Do you think your leaping ability and your ability to rebound out of different space and in the paint, do you think those are going to be your calling cards in the NBA?
MASON PLUMLEE:  For sure.  That's what I'm doing in year one.  So I feel like that's kind of your base, and then you just build on that.
Over the summer you got to add to your game, keep growing as a player.  But what do you from day one is definitely going to be expected going forward.

Q.  Tough times trying to get on the floor and get off the bench.  Who have you leaned on?
MASON PLUMLEE:  Well, I'm very fortunate.  I feel like have I the best group.  Everybody will say K.G. is the best vet to have as a rookie.  He is.  There's no question about that.
But Paul Pierce, Jason Terry, Joe Johnson.  Those guys are there for me too.  They have been talking to me during the game and before games.  So they remember their time as a rookie, and they're helpful.

Q.  Were you scared, intimidated a little bit at first before you got to know them?
MASON PLUMLEE:  I wasn't scared.  I don't know.  You kind of knew some of the rookies that was coming, but it was just at a higher level on our team.

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