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July 29, 2005

Jim Furyk


Q. Would you talk a little bit about the reaction to that?

JIM FURYK: "Well, Ernie's a friend, so I feel for him, I went through a wrist surgery last year, and obviously right now, this is knee surgery, I don't know how major, I don't know what knee it was, I don't know how major of a surgery that it was. And I wish him well and I wish him a full and I guess first and foremost, a full recovery, and after that, a speedy recovery. We'll miss him out of here and I know our tournament sponsors and our fans will miss him. He's a huge draw and obviously a wonderful player, being ranked No. 3 in the world. It will be a big loss for the TOUR, but he'll be back soon. As far as the Presidents Cup goes, obviously him and Vijay are the team leaders, and Ernie's got a great way about him as far as a fun personality. I'm sure he keeps that team pretty loose. But I don't want to, you know, get overconfident or anything. There's still great players on the other side that will be playing against us. Obviously it's hard to replace Ernie Els."

Q. Could guys get overconfident because one of their big stars is not there?

JIM FURYK: "I don't know about that. In this game, you know, anyone on either of those two teams can take down a Tiger Woods, a Vijay Singh, or an Ernie Els. I'm sure, you know, for us to lose a guy like Tiger would be a big blow to the team, but I'm sure the other guys, they have a lot of wonderful players on that side, and we have our hands full either way."

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