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February 5, 2014

Corrado Barazzutti


THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Just get your general opinion on the U.S. team.テつ This isn't the team you thought you might have been facing with Serena.テつ What are your thoughts?
CAPTAIN BARAZZUTTI:テつ I think will be a tough match, very talented match.テつ They are young team against, so we come here to try hard to win this match and we know that will be difficult.
Court is okay.テつ The stadium is very, very nice.テつ It's a theater, I think, so it's first time I think for the players, too, to play in this atmosphere.
Everything is okay.テつ There is no particular problem.テつ And we start to practice yesterday.テつ Everything is okay.テつ We are ready.テつ Apart from the weather outside. テつ(Laughter.)
I come from Buenos Aires, so was a little bit more hotter there.テつ But anyway, okay, we play indoor.テつ No problem.

Q.テつ (No microphone.)
PLAYER:テつ Yeah, we play indoor, so outside we didn't go around so much because it's snowing, so we are staying inside.
But I think it's a nice city.テつ It's full of snow, so another experience that we have, how do you say, we (indiscernible) everything.テつ So it's all right.テつ Nice place.

Q.テつ (Question regarding players who have never competed in Fed Cup.)
PLAYER:テつ For me it's a great experience because it's opportunity for me to do my best.テつ It's a good experience for me to stay with the players like them who are so much more experienced than me.
I can learn so much.テつ I'm really happy about that.
PLAYER:テつ Yeah, me too.テつ The courts are feeling good and going to be a great experience.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Any other questions?

Q.テつ What are some of the tough things about being a visiting team in a Fed Cup atmosphere, especially indoors where it could get really loud?
CAPTAIN BARAZZUTTI:テつ Well, I don't think there is a special difficult to play, but, well, the players coming from outdoor, maybe you need play a little bit.
But I don't see there is any special difficult.テつ I think the more difficult is to play against a good player.テつ So that is the problem.テつ I hope that they play well and make a good match and‑‑ I cannot hope that the other players play bad.テつ It's not right‑‑テつ but the problem is coming from the opponent.テつ That's it.

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