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February 2, 2014

Craig Stadler


THE MODERATOR:  We have a few journalists here joining us for a few quick questions with you.  Can we just get some general comments on how excited you've got to be right now.
CRAIG STADLER:  It's awesome.  It is awesome.  You know, I never doubted him for a minute.  You know, he had opportunities the last couple months.  He started feeling a little more comfortable.
(Indiscernible.)¬† Great work on 15, awesome two‑putt on 17, and then stuck it when he had to on 18.¬† He earned it.¬† He deserved it.¬† It was awesome.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions?

Q.  Can you talk about what it's going to feel like being with Kevin at the Masters this year?
CRAIG STADLER:  It's going to be great for me because it's really my last one (laughter).  I kept saying, you know, when he gets in, that's my last one.
I'm going to have to get in a little better shape for the next three months.  It's going to be great.  It's awesome.  I took him there, oh, ages ago, and I don't think he's been there since.  Probably 20 years ago.
It will be great, yeah.  Awesome week.

Q.  Have you gotten a chance to talk to Kevin yet?  If and when you do speak with him, what will you say to him?
CRAIG STADLER:  Voice mail and texted him.

Q.  When you do get a chance to speak with him, what will you say to him?
CRAIG STADLER:¬† I'm proud of him.¬† It's awesome.¬† I'm happy for him.¬† I think it's been well‑earned, well‑deserved, and, you know, he did what he had to do.
Like I say, he had a few little bumps in the middle there, but he didn't let them get them down, which in the past was his forté which he got from me.  He sucked it up and finished it.  He didn't make a lot of birdies coming in, but Bubba made mistakes.
On 18 he got a great break.  Would have been great if he ended up hitting that putt, but it's his first one, and the first one is so hard.  Once you get that first one, it makes it so much easier down the road because you kind of figured it out.  And the next time you say, You know what?  I have done this before.  So good for him.

Q.  In what ways are you two alike?
CRAIG STADLER:  In what ways are we alike?
We both love golf, and I don't know about him, but I'm his biggest fan.  He probably doesn't know it, but I love watching him play on TV and on the Internet.  I don't get to watch him play live too often.
Other than that, we don't look even remotely close to each other.  (Laughter.)
With that being said, he's a great kid.  I will say whether he's my son or somebody else, he's a hell of an iron player, one of the better iron players I have seen.
Putting wins tournaments, and putting gets in his way, just like everybody else, no different than anybody else.

Q.  How do you think his game will fit at Augusta National?
CRAIG STADLER:  It should be fine.  He moves the ball (indiscernible) but I think it will be good.

Q.  Do you have a favorite anecdote about Kevin as a child?  Maybe something involving golf where it's sort of the story you always tell around the Christmas or Thanksgiving table?
CRAIG STADLER:  I didn't hear you.

Q.  A favorite anecdote about Kevin, maybe some story about his childhood years that you always tell around the Thanksgiving or Christmas table every year.
CRAIG STADLER:  Favorite anecdote?

Q.  Favorite anecdote from his childhood years.
CRAIG STADLER:¬† Anecdote.¬† One of the coolest things I ever saw ‑‑it wasn't cool at the time.¬† It was kind of a, Really?¬† At US Open and Pebble, we were out for lunch, and (indiscernible) sticking out of his shorts or whatever, and we were hitting balls.¬† He wasn't even two‑and‑a‑half years old.
He was down there for three hours straight hitting balls, and I went to pick him up and go back and he just screamed bloody mary.¬† You hope you get a two‑year‑old to focus on something for three minutes, but he was down there for almost four hours.¬† It was awesome.

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