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February 2, 2014

Robert Rock


Q.  What is the verdict on this week then?
ROBERT ROCK:  Disappointed.  Felt like I really had a chance to post a decent score.

Q.  Looks tidy but perhaps not taking enough chances?
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, that's probably about right.  I set a couple up on the back nine and didn't quite a tack hard enough.  I left too safe a wedge shot into the last.  Got to take risks.

Q.  Were you conscious of the leaderboards, that you knew what the score was and what you had to do?
ROBERT ROCK:  I knew on the 18th.  I knew somebody got to 14 so was just trying to get past that.

Q.  Certainly this is a lovely step in the right direction, because you haven't really been competitive for a little while.
ROBERT ROCK:  I feel like my game's good.  When it's good, you want to try and win.  But you need the opportunities.  Maybe more will come.

Q.  What's next?
ROBERT ROCK:  Johannesburg and East London, keep playing while I'm playing well and hopefully I can keep hitting the ball like I have done this week and another opportunity will present itself hopefully.

Q.  And you do have a tendency to play well down in South Africa, don't you?
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, glad I'm going there really.  It was a decision I made while we were already here.  I was only going to do three but I thought, may as well just carry on.  It's a little bit longer away from my boy, David.  I don't like to be five weeks away but I've got to do it really.  That's a shame but it's work, got to keep going.

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