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February 1, 2014

Kevin Stadler


Q.  Third round of 67.  Not your best stuff but you finished it very well today.
KEVIN STADLER:  Yeah, the last hour was a lot of fun.  Little bit of a struggle on the game today, but very glad it turned around in the end.

Q.  A lot of fun?  Talk us about the energy you get to feel around those last few holes there.
KEVIN STADLER:  15 on was pretty wild.  It was packed out there this afternoon.
It's something you only experience once a year.  It's pretty cool.

Q.  What have been the keys to good play?  You hadn't played so well up to your standard.  What's clicking for you this week?
KEVIN STADLER:  Just wasn't quite ready, to be honest.  I was coming out of a little longer break over the winter, went over there to see where the game was at.  Wasn't quite ready.  Had a good week of practice last week and just felt like I was ready to go.

Q.  You've got the shirt for the Broncos on.  Are you ready for tomorrow night?
KEVIN STADLER:  Oh, yeah.  Very ready.  Can't wait.

Q.  Slow start, but you finished with a 67.  You see some of the numbers posted.  Were you pleased, or do you feel like you left something out there?
KEVIN STADLER:  I left some stuff out there on the front, but I didn't expect to finish like I did.  Very happy for that.

Q.  What changed on the 13th tee?
KEVIN STADLER:  Not really sure.  I was a little bit off all morning, and I hit a nice tee shot on par‑3 12 and another one on 13 and the drive on 14, just felt like it was coming together.  Hit some good shots the rest of the way.

Q.  What point did you feel like you were really rolling?
KEVIN STADLER:  Probably on 14 I hit a really good drive there, and, you know, 14 tee shot, 15 tee shot.  Took a while, but I was kind of ready to go from there.

Q.  A nice way to finish off, nice string of birdies.
KEVIN STADLER:  It was great.  Last four, five holes, made the day worthwhile.
It was a little bit of a struggle early on, but last four, last five or six, whatever it was, good way to finish the day.

Q.  You have to feel good about being in contention going into the final round.  That's probably your goal every week?
KEVIN STADLER:  Yeah, absolutely.  The more chances you get, the better they are to pump one out.  I'm very happy to be sitting where I am.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  

Q.  Getting a birdie on 16, was that gratifying?
KEVIN STADLER:  Yeah, after getting booed off the tee box and coming off with a birdie, that was pretty fun.

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