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February 1, 2014

Mike Bryan

Bob Bryan

Jim Courier


6‑2, 6‑3, 3‑6, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Bob and Mike, talk a little bit about winning this match.テつ Last year wasn't your finest Davis Cup year, so you must feel pretty happy that you won this match pretty convincingly.
BOB BRYAN:テつ Yeah, we've been waiting a long time to get another opportunity to get that bad taste out of our mouth.テつ Always feels bad to let the team down.テつ We were kind of coming out of our shoes.テつ Really itching to get on the court.
Thought we brought some good energy.テつ Now it's just our job to get behind Sam and fire him up for tomorrow.

Q.テつ This question is for both of you.テつ How much did your game plan change realizing that Andy Murray was not going to play today?
MIKE BRYAN:テつ Yeah, we were getting ready for Andy all week, but we'd played Inglot a few times in the past.テつ So in the back of our head we thought there was one scenario up 2‑Lov for Britain that they might throw out Inglot.
So we had every game plan on the table, and we prepared in the warmup for Inglot.
You know, it was his first Davis Cup match.テつ I thought he played pretty well.テつ He's a huge server, and he started bringing the energy there in the third.
I tip my hat to him.テつ He played well.

Q.テつ Talk about the third set.テつ No unforced errors.テつ You only dropped five points on serve and you didn't come out on top.テつ What were your thoughts after that third set?
BOB BRYAN:テつ Still felt good.テつ That's doubles.テつ Quick break, couple hot returns, and the set is over.
Captain told us to reset and go back to work, because all four sets I thought we played pretty solid.テつ I knew if we just kept putting it on 'em we would get paid off.

Q.テつ Bob and Mike, according to the stats, if we believe them, you only had nine unforced errors in the whole match.テつ Did it feel that way to you out there playing?
MIKE BRYAN:テつ Yeah, I mean, that's not a lot.テつ In doubles there are mainly forced errors.テつ But, yeah, I thought we did most things right today.テつ Came in, made first volleys, made second shots when they were there, and put the pressure on them.
You know, high first serve percentage was key, too.テつ I think we were only down a couple break points the whole match.テつ That's a good effort from us.

Q.テつ Bob, you talked about supporting team.テつ What's the state of the team now after this win today?
BOB BRYAN:テつ I haven't really seen the guys, but I saw Sam briefly right then.テつ Seems in good spirits.テつ He's got a big game.テつ It's not comfortable playing Sam when he's going for shots.
You know, he's going to let it fly tomorrow.テつ He's not playing with a lot of pressure.テつ Andy is a Grand Slam champion and a heavy favorite, so Sam can just play free, and we'll get behind him on the sideline.

Q.テつ Jim, Sam does have a win over Andy; what do you tell him?
CAPTAIN COURIER:テつ What Bob just said:テつ he's going to have to play significantly better than he did yesterday to stand a chance.テつ Andy's a great player who plays well under pressure.テつ Tomorrow is going to be one of those matches that Andy knows if he loses that anything is on the table in that fifth match.
For Sam it's a free‑swinging match.テつ Hopefully he'll go out there and let it fly and se where the chips fall.

Q.テつ If Sam falls through, what do you tell Donald?
CAPTAIN COURIER:テつ Between me and Donald.

Q.テつ Today was wonderful, really good, feel‑good day.テつ Congratulations guys.テつ Let's face it, there are some problems.テつ John is struggling early in the year; Sam is at 49; Donald is 79; Ryan and Jack have yet to really kick in.テつ What can we do to really get American tennis fired up and happy?
CAPTAIN COURIER:テつ John won the first two tournaments of the year.
BOB BRYAN:テつ Yeah.テつ John won the first tournament of the year and then had some bad luck with the injury.テつ Querrey played pretty well Down Under.
Ryan Harrison put in some good work in the off‑season.テつ I think he's hitting the ball better than he ever has.
Jack Sock is ready to put up a good result.テつ We'll see what happens in the next couple months.

Q.テつ Jim, any comment?テつ Thoughts?テつ I know...
CAPTAIN COURIER:テつ More magazine, more interest.テつ Do your job, Bill.

Q.テつ Touche.

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