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February 1, 2014

Robert Rock


Q.  There's a nice consistency about you, working through the last few weeks, getting better and better?
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, I played okay in Abu Dhabi but missed the cut.  Then played pretty well in Qatar, had a really good final round, which I've been missing.  I've been shooting 1‑ or 2‑unders but never really getting five, six, seven birdies around.  But 5‑under, that was something I've been missing.  There's a feeling you get when you're playing rounds like that where you're looking for more birdie opportunities.

Q.  We haven't you seen up there for quite some time with a victory chance?
ROBERT ROCK:  Tell me about it.  My last decent finish was maybe here last year.  Yeah, it's nice to play some decent golf.

Q.  Reward for a lot of hard work?
ROBERT ROCK:  It has been really, yeah.  I just felt I was playing really nice and things were maybe a little bit easier and it's took me a good while to get the form back, change a few things and maybe try and restore some things; it takes hard work.  Probably does take about a year to get it all right.

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