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January 30, 2014

Matt Jones


Q.  What a nice round of golf.  What a nice 2 you posted up there on the seventh hole?
MATT JONES:  Yeah, 7 was a good shot.  It's always a tough hole.  It's nice when you move that tee up a little because that green gets baked out a lot, and (indiscernible).
Made a putt, probably the longest putt of the day, so it was a good round.

Q.  I thought your ball striking was really good.  In fact, you bogeyed 18, your ninth hole of the day.  You didn't even hit a bad shot there.  You hit a wedge, and it just barely spun down into an awkward lie in the chipping area.  I didn't see you miss many shots.
MATT JONES:  No, I hit it good today.  I can't complain at all.  The ball was going a long way out there today.  And I hit a smooth sand wedge, and normally I hit my sand wedge about 110, and it flew pin high and then you have no chance.
Other than that bogey, I definitely left a few shots out there, so I will have to try and capitalize tomorrow and stay where I am.

Q.  You have a morning tee time.  You get those fresh greens.
MATT JONES:  That will be nice.  There were a few bumps out there.  Playing with Graham and Brendan, we definitely noticed a few bumps out there (indiscernible) so hopefully we'll have some good greens tomorrow morning.

Q.  As an Aussie, do you have any interest in the Super Bowl?  Do you know who's playing?  Do you have a team to root for?
MATT JONES:  Oh, no, I have lived over here since '99, so I love the NFL.
No, I will be happy ‑‑I like Arizona and Green Bay, so I will be happy just for a good football game.  A friend of mine loves Seattle, so I'll probably prefer to see Denver win.

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