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January 30, 2014

Keegan Bradley


Q.  10 fairways, 14 greens?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, I played really well today.  It was a great day out there, fun to play.  We had a great group and a lot of good golf.

Q.  You're not going to be too disappointed with the bogey on your ninth hole, the 18th hole today, are you?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  No.  I mean, I just hit a bad drive, and that's a really tough pin to hit a bad drive to.  I'm sure there will be a lot of bogeys there but I would have preferred to make par, for sure.

Q.  How do you embrace the crowd out here?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  You just have to enjoy it and know you're going to get some people yelling and cheering really loud.  There is good and bad.

Q.  You started off the year really well.  Putting in a lot of work down in Florida?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah.  I switched coaches to Chuck Cook and put a lot of work in.  It's really starting to pay off.

Q.  Why the switch?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Just a few things I wanted to improve on.  Jim McLean taught me a lot of my fundamentals I will use the rest of my career, but I just needed to make a minor change and it's been helping.

Q.  Looks like it's been paying off.  Super Bowl on Sunday.  You're a Patriots guy.  They're not in it.  Do you have an interest, a pick?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, there is a part of me that doesn't want Peyton to get close to Brady, but I think Denver is going to win.

Q.  I was saying to a couple of people if you look back at your schedule for the wrap‑around season, you have not finished outside of the top 20 yet.  Is that something you have paid attention to?  How close is your game being where you want it to be?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, I played really well, played really solid.  I'm this close to really breaking through, so hopefully will do that this week.

Q.  You have to talk about 16.  You have to talk about these crowds.  36,000 fans came out yesterday and it was Wednesday.  How do you like the heckling, the cheering, jeering?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  It's a lot of fun.  You just have to embrace it, know it's coming, the good and the bad.
We look forward to this week.

Q.  A little hiccup on the last hole, but you had a 66 to start things off.  How did you get off to such a fast start?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, played really well all day today.  I feel really good about my game.  I feel like this is a really good course.

Q.  Speaking of feeling good about your game, you have been working with Chuck Cook for a couple of months now.  You shot a 66 today.  How comfortable are you with your swing?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I'm feeling really good.  I did a few changes with Chuck.  It's really starting to come along.  I feel very nice.

Q.  I know it's only Thursday, but are you looking at 24?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  24‑under?  You know you're going to have to shoot three, four really good rounds.  Hopefully you shoot three good ones and one really good low one is normally how it works.  This is a good start.

Q.  You said you were this close to playing really well.  What is "this close"?  What do you need to shore up or tighten up?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I just feel like I have played really solidly every round I have played this year on tour.  So it's just a matter of a few more putts going in, but, you know, I'm feeling really good, hitting a lot of fairways and greens, which is a good sign.

Q.  You have had no problem with 15, birdied it, but it's really been the hole that's been the obstacle for a few other would‑be leaders.  Can you talk about how scary or intimidating is that drive?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  The drive, you've just got to clutch up and hit one in the fairway and then you can have an iron in.
It's definitely ‑‑it's a great hole, a little risk/reward to the max.  I was lucky to hit the fairway and hit the green, two‑putt for 4.

Q.  What were you most happy with today?  What were you most disappointed with?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I was really happy with ball striking, and then in the middle there I started to get the putter really rolling, which is a good sign, because I have been hitting the ball good and haven't been putting that well.
I seem to read these greens really nicely and hopefully make a million birdies tomorrow.

Q.  What was your best shot from today?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I hit a really good shot on 15, actually.  I had 247 to the flag, and I hit a 3‑iron and smoked it, hit it right in the middle of the green, which is again a tough shot, especially with that pin.

Q.  So on Sunday, will you root for the team that beat your team?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I'm not sure yet.  I'm trying to figure that out.  It's no fun without the Patriots in there.

Q.  So you lost interest after that?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  A little bit, yeah.  I'm a big Patriots fan.  We're used to having the Patriots in the Super Bowl. 

Q.  Is the ball flying this week here?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, it starts to fly around this time.  This morning it wasn't really, and then, you know, coming ‑‑the last hour or so and the rest of the day it will really go.

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