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January 30, 2014

Henrik Stenson


Q.  3‑over par early on, five birdies in seven holes then a couple of bogeys and then a couple of birdies, how do you sum that one up?
HENRIK STENSON:  Very much up‑and‑down.  I got off to a bad start.  It wasn't so much bad playing.  It was a couple of 3‑putts off the fringes on 1 and 2.
5 I was in a bad spot up against the palm tree and ended up making a 10‑footer for bogey and I guess that was key to not‑‑ not to go to 4‑over at that stage.
And then I just hit some lovely shots on 7,8, the and had tap‑in putts on 7 and 8 and made a nice little 10‑footer on 9.
Got a bit lucky on 10.  Bounced from the bunker and 2‑putted from long range.  Made another birdie on 13 and hit in the water on 14.  3‑putted again on 15 from long range, and birdied 17 and 18, hit a good drive on 17 just short of the green and chipped it up and made a putt.
And two decent shots on 18.  I was in between clubs and it wasn't the time to go for a glory 3‑iron over the water, so I went for the 4‑wood and hit the back edge of the green and chipped down and had a pretty easy four in the end.

Q.  You mentioned hitting in the water on 14, why did you drop where you did?  Commentators were saying, why was he going so far back.
HENRIK STENSON:  I didn't have much of a shot, my angle, I was a bit behind the trees on the hard pan, so I didn't have much of a shot.  Lawrie said I could maybe squeeze something up on the inside trap and went back and got a bit of a shot at least and played a lovely shrinking 6‑iron over the trees and got it up to about 12, 15 feet, so I actually gave myself a chance to save par.  Didn't hit the best of putts, but anyway, I think I would have bought a five at that stage.

Q.  Saw you being dragged from pillar to post to all sorts of media all day.  If you thought you did inch's interviews at the end of last year, we would leave you alone, but we don't, do we?
HENRIK STENSON:  No, you're a horrible bunch, aren't you.
No, it's been a lot.  I can't really demand to play my best at this point.  You know, putting practise this week, I think I had like half an hour combined leading up to the tournament.  So if you don't even have time to practise before you're going out to play, you can't expect to do miracles.  I'm looking forward to getting back to my core business, which is practicing and playing golf, so see if you can leave me alone at some point.

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