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January 30, 2014

John Paramor


Q.テつ Seeing you in a discussion with Thomas Bjテδカrn and Henrik Stenson, Thomas obviously not happy with the drop at 14 that Henrik took; is that correct?
JOHN PARAMOR:テつ It's one of those situations that where I think Thomas was looking from, it might have not have looked quite right.テつ But he was under the instructions of a referee and the referee actually got it 100 per cent correct.
I think Thomas was just, you know, seeing it from that angle, it's a sharp dogleg to the hole anyway and it kind of looked strange, so he questioned that later.テつ But he realised that as Henrik was proceeding under the referee's tutelage, everything was going to be fine.テつ He was just making the point.テつ But there's absolutely nothing in it.

Q.テつ When you say making the point, what was the point, somewhat obscured or from the wrong angle, how was he so certain it was incorrect; he was saying 20 yards out.
JOHN PARAMOR:テつ Yes, certainly when I spoke, he said, oh, I thought it was about six yards out.テつ Sometimes things get exaggerated.テつ Players I think are very serious about what they do, and particularly in light of recent events that have happened on Tour, you know, they just want to make sure they get it right.

Q.テつ So no problem there?
JOHN PARAMOR:テつ Absolute no problem at all.

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