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January 14, 2014

Marinko Matosevic


K. NISHIKORI/M. Matosevic
6‑3, 5‑7, 6‑2, 4‑6, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ So 12.テつ How much does that play on your mind?
MARINKO MATOSEVIC:テつ No, I didn't think about it out there today.テつ I didn't think about it at all.
He was just too good in the fifth set.

Q.テつ How difficult did the conditions make it?
MARINKO MATOSEVIC:テつ Yeah, it was pretty hot after some long rallies.テつ My feet were feeling it.
But, you know, just kept on pushing.テつ Yeah, tried to use the ice, towels.テつ Yeah, just tried to stay hydrated.
I was like really bloated after the third set.テつ I don't know.

Q.テつ What was the situation, the time violation point in the third set?テつ What happened?
MARINKO MATOSEVIC:テつ That was bullshit.テつ When have you seen that, a guy's taking his bottle to the back of the court.テつ He can do it, I'll take a drink.
The other thing is, I shouldn't have gotten the first time warning either for equipment.テつ My hat like went loose.テつ The thing broke at the back.テつ I went to change back and she's like, I'm going to give you a time violation.テつ I'm like, Okay.
The next one was a really important game.テつ Just kept on going back and forth.テつ He went to get a drink, so I went to get a drink.テつ She calls a point penalty.テつ Nothing I can do.

Q.テつ The commentators were saying that they thought you were talking to her about trying to get the crowd to stop calling you Mad Dog.テつ Is that what was going on?
MARINKO MATOSEVIC:テつ No, not in that instance.

Q.テつ But you did other times?
MARINKO MATOSEVIC:テつ I did ask for that, yeah.

Q.テつ Can you judge how much water you were drinking?
MARINKO MATOSEVIC:テつ Yeah, I can.テつ Well, electrolyte drink, I think I have five of those and like five of these.テつ These are one liters, the other ones are 600 liters.テつ Plus energy gels, a little bit of banana.

Q.テつ You were signaling something towards the end.
MARINKO MATOSEVIC:テつ Yeah, I wanted my coach to vocally support me, but he wouldn't.

Q.テつ Have you spoken to him about it since?

Q.テつ Will you?

Q.テつ And you need more from him from the side of the court?
MARINKO MATOSEVIC:テつ Yeah, I've spoken about it before, but I don't know.

Q.テつ Disappointed in the lack of support he gave you?
MARINKO MATOSEVIC:テつ No, no, no, not disappointed in the lack of support.テつ Some players need verbal support, some don't.
I'm a player that likes it and needs it and wants it.テつ So if my coach is just going to sit there and clap, I expect more.

Q.テつ Did you allow yourself to get too distracted about all sorts of things today?
MARINKO MATOSEVIC:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ I mean, I shouldn't have focused on that.テつ I mean, the water thing, it was like a long game.テつ I wanted a drink.テつ I allowed myself to get distracted then.
Yeah, hearing the stupid nickname.テつ You know, I don't know.

Q.テつ Why does that get to you so much?
MARINKO MATOSEVIC:テつ Because it's not my nickname.テつ Some idiot put it on Wikipedia.

Q.テつ Towards the end you were complaining about someone in the crowd calling the ball out.
MARINKO MATOSEVIC:テつ In the third, had a few breakpoints, hit a deep ball.テつ People are calling it out.テつ I can understand it.
But still, I don't know, I mean, just a bit of etiquette would have been good in that situation.

Q.テつ Did it feel like you were playing overseas?
MARINKO MATOSEVIC:テつ No, no, the crowd was great.テつ I had like my 30 friends there.テつ It was so hot.テつ I understand he gets loads of support.テつ He's a popular player.テつ He's a great player.
With the conditions, the crowd were unbelievable.

Q.テつ I know it's a bit raw right now, but tough conditions and draw.テつ You fought so hard.テつ You must feel you're getting closer to that Grand Slam first win.
MARINKO MATOSEVIC:テつ I don't give a shit, man.テつ What do you want me to say to that?

Q.テつ You still had a chance to win right to the end.テつ The breakpoints you saved, et cetera.
MARINKO MATOSEVIC:テつ Yeah, I did believe.テつ But Kei was too good in the fifth.テつ I don't want to talk about draws anymore.テつ I've had a few tough ones.テつ I've had a few easier ones.
Yeah, you can only play who you're given.

Q.テつ Who was the surface?テつ Did it feel different because it was heated?
MARINKO MATOSEVIC:テつ Yeah, it was flying a little bit more.テつ It was like medium to fast‑ish.テつ No, it was a nice court to play on.

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