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January 12, 2006

Jim Furyk


Q. Talk about the day, after last week.

JIM FURYK: The golf course is tight. It's tough to get the ball in play. If you're in the rough, it's tough to control it.

I hit a lot of fairways today. I missed a couple coming down the stretch, but I was able to control the ball, especially early in the day on the first side. I played real well on the back side, my first side. Just kind of hung on on the front.

Q. Does it help at all that you've had four days of this competitively before you got here?

JIM FURYK: Yeah, it does. Having one tournament under your belt, playing in this wind every day, hitting the same shots and holding it against the wind and hitting it low, it's definitely helped. If you sent me back to Pebble Beach right now and had to hit the ball in the air, I might be a little bit confused. A little bit shaky last week, but you learn to adjust quick and you figure it out, and it makes this week, not easy, with you it makes it less difficult.

Q. You mentioned adjusting. You changed some equipment going into last week, did you make any adjustments equipment wise from last week to this week?

JIM FURYK: No. Everything is the same that was in there. I did test some irons that were brought every from Japan, the Srixon. They looked pretty good, but obviously, I'm not going to come out here for one day on Tuesday and hit them in a 30 mile per hour wind and try to put them in play. It will be something I'll take home and work on the next few weeks.

End of FastScripts.

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