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January 15, 2014

Na Li


N. LI/B. Bencic
6‑0, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  How satisfied are you with your performance, and what do you think about the Swiss player?
NA LI:  Pretty good.  She played exactly like Martina Hingis, I feel.  Yeah, it's very tough to play a decent player I never see before, because I cannot get any information.
When comes to the court, it's like, Okay, is similar like first round.  It's like, Okay.  Yeah, I think today she give me very tough time end of the second set.
But I was really happy in the end I can use my experience to win the match.

Q.  Do you think the serve is a little different from the one of Martina Hingis?
NA LI:  More flat and also is really, how you say, more flat.  Deuce side was more slice.

Q.  Can you compare the two players you played?  They are both young, Konjuh and Bencic.
NA LI:  It's too totally different, still.  First one was hit more aggressive.  Today's was more, how you say, more control and ‑‑but I didn't like the way she's hitting the ball today, because she was use a lot of my power to move me and running a lot on the court.
So, yeah.

Q.  Did you think that Bencic today was probably, was she better than Konjuh when you played her?
NA LI:  Don't try to ask that, okay?  (Laughter.)
Both players pretty good, really.

Q.  How did you do research on your opponent today?
NA LI:  I think she's, how you say, she's fight, fighting a lot on the court.  Of course she win the juniors, so she has experience, used to play the big court.
If she play more tournament on the tour, for sure she would be very good.

Q.  How did you find the heat?
NA LI:  I think I was lucky, you know, because at least they put me in the first round.  So I can finish the match before 1:00.
Yeah, you know, yesterday I was practice earlier to try to play little bit in the heat.  That's why I was here one week earlier, to prepare everything.

Q.  Why was the second set much closer than the first one?
NA LI:  Why?

Q.  Because she got stronger or...
NA LI:  This is tennis.  Yeah.  I mean, nobody say if you win easy first set you can win easy second set.
So that's why we play best of three sets.

Q.  I wanted to ask you about a newspaper story this week which you said last year you almost retired after losing at Eastbourne.
NA LI:  Yeah.

Q.  If Wimbledon had not gone better for you, do you think you would have retired at that point?
NA LI:  On that moment I'm not think about retired, because is not about how is the ball I hit on the court.  It's about so many thing off the court, you know.
But I was really happy.  I do well in Wimbledon, so that's why I continue until now.  Otherwise I don't know where I am now (smiling).

Q.  How are your feelings about your future now?  Do you think you will continue for much longer?
NA LI:  I will see.  You know, the body is more important.  I cannot promise I will play another three or four years.  But if I still feeling healthy, I still love this sport, I will continue.

Q.  Your opponent today, just 16, young girl.
NA LI:  16 or 17?  16?  Okay.  My half age, yeah (Laughter.)  Yes?

Q.  Did that make you feel like an old lady?
NA LI:  No, I think I'm mostly young in this room, right?  (Laughter.)

Q.  During the second set you shouted out twice.  Apparently that was Chinese and with your hometown accent.  What was that?  What did you shout?
NA LI:  What?

Q.  (In Chinese.)
THE MODERATOR:  Just English, please.  More questions in English, please.

Q.  You said your preparation is different this year.  Can you explain why you made that decision?
NA LI:  Yeah, because last year I was play first week in China, and after I was play Sydney and then come here.
So last year I was like 10 days I played nine matches, only one day traveling, so I was feeling very tired when I was arriving here.
So that's why I try to change a little bit schedule to prepare for the Australian Open.  Because even I do the same, maybe I cannot recover.  Last year I was use two days to recover.  Really tough.

Q.  By the end of the tournament, you really felt it?
NA LI:  No, I mean, because the schedule is too tight for me, so that's why.
But this year, same schedule like last year.  Yeah.

Q.  Going back to the comments about where your head was at at Wimbledon last year, you said that you weren't not happy with how you were hitting the ball but that maybe things off the court...
NA LI:  Yeah.

Q.  What are the off‑court things that were maybe putting you in a negative mind space?
NA LI:  Yeah, it was very negative thing.  It's normal like if you ‑‑I was feeling everyone for sure got (indiscernible).  But I could say something but they would write down the newspaper is totally wrong.
Yeah, they make me very ‑‑they give me very tough time when I play French Open, and it continue to Wimbledon.

Q.  So it was like the media pressure?
NA LI:  I didn't say that (smiling).

Q.  I'm asking.
NA LI:  Maybe.

Q.  Do you think you're judged harshly by the Chinese media?
NA LI:  It's not about the Chinese media.  It's some of them.  All the media was pretty good.  We had very good communication.  But someone, maybe they want make more famous, you know, so that's why they always write down something I never say or another way around.

Q.  Just coming back to today's match, how well do you think you played and did you have to play today to win match?  You had pretty much winners today.
NA LI:  How much percent I play?

Q.  Yeah.  How well do you think you had to play today, you played today?
NA LI:  Well, every day is different.  I cannot say I play 100%.  Of course I cannot 100% every day, but at least 60, 65.

Q.  You were talking about some of the media reports about you were wrong.  What aspects were they reporting about that were wrong?
NA LI:  Well, you know, if I was speak of again, maybe next day they put me wrong again, you know.
So please don't try to make me wrong again, because right now I really, how do you say, I try to be friend.  But maybe not everyone think about that.

Q.  The weather in Melbourne is very hot.
NA LI:  I think I answered before.

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